‘With $350 million worth of cargo on board, nothing could go wrong’ – Pierre Gasly reveals crazy flight was safe thanks to Max Verstappen

AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly reveals how Red Bull, including drivers Max Verstappen, took a rather risky flight after the 2022 Austrian GP.

Max Verstappen is on course to win his 2nd drivers title in 2022. He has a comfortable lead in the 2022 drivers’ championship over his closest competitor Charles Leclerc during the summer break.

Red Bull and its “B team” AlphaTauri have had a good season so far. Red Bull have a 96-point lead at the top of the constructors’ standings. While AlphaTauri is aiming for a target 6th place this season.

So, after the 2022 Austrian GP, ​​the AlphaTauri and Red Bull riders decided to take a short trip to cool off. Pierre Gasly, Yuki Tsunoda, Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen all flew together in a private jet.

But the energy drink company, well known for its antics and extreme sports, decided to take the drivers on an adventure. Pierre Gasly explained the surprise that awaited him and all the other drivers.

Gasly said: “We were flying a seaplane and the guy started going absolutely nuts. And yeah God knows how much I love to fly.

He adds, “And I found out that Yuki had the same passion as me, so we were like screaming inside the plane while the pilot was making turns and like crazy turns in the sky.”

It was quite a risky race given that all the riders from both teams were involved in this ride. And if anything happened, it wouldn’t have been good news.

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Nothing can happen if Max Verstappen is on board!

Red Bull riders were shocked and feared for their lives as their rider decided to somersault through the air. However, Red Bull would never risk their prodigy Max Verstappen, would they!

Gasly revealed he was scared. The Frenchman revealed that however he was sure Red Bull would never do anything ‘stupid’ if it involved their 2021 world champion.

Gasly laughed and said, “I mean we felt safe because Max was there. So we know they can’t screw it up if Max is on the plane! Helmut Marko would surely have a word later with the pilot!

He adds, “So I was like ‘okay, they know what they’re doing. But it was risky, you had all four pilots inside that plane. If anything happened, there would be no one for the upcoming race.

Max handed Red Bull its first championship win since 2013. And with a second on the way in 2022, Red Bull is surely not going to do anything risky involving its beloved driver!

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Pierre Gasly on the talent of Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen made Red Bull the title contenders. He disrupted Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes’ 8-year dominance in the sport.

And no wonder Red Bull loves him so dearly. Ahead of his title-winning 2021 season, he was offered a $53 million-a-year contract. This makes him one of the highest paid drivers on the grid alongside Hamilton.

Pierre Gasly drove for Red Bull during the 2019 season, in partnership with Max Verstappen. But compared to his teammate, Gasly lacked pace and was inconsistent with his results.

And ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, Gasly was demoted to Toro Rosso. Alex Albon has taken his place at Red Bull. He did, however, praise his unique teammate in a generation.

Gasly added: “He is obviously extremely talented. He is excellent. I think the experience and the combination of what he’s built with Red Bull Racing is just an incredibly effective package.

He adds: “He hardly makes mistakes and delivers on the weekends there and back. And really performing at the best that Red Bull offers it.

Gasly’s future with AlphaTauri is currently under review. The Frenchman is looking for exit opportunities as he won’t get a Red Bull call-up anytime soon. His contract expires in 2024.

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