Winona has three individual champions in Section 1A men’s swimming and diving competition – Reuters

Winona had a pair of individual champions en route to a third-place finish at the Section 1A boys swim and dive meet Friday at the Rochester Recreation Center.

Mankato East was the tag team champion with 375 points while Northfield was second with 361 points and the Winhawks followed with 294 in the 10-team section.

“At the start of this season we certainly didn’t have the ambition to take third place in this encounter, but as the season progressed our guys started to feel confident that they could achieve that. goal,” Winona coach Chris Mayer said.

The top three finishers in each of the swim events as well as those who reached a pre-set time standard earned Class A spots at next week’s state meet. The top four divers also improved.

Winona’s Colin White earned four state spots, two individual and two relay. He was the section champion in the 100m backstroke and he finished second in the 100m freestyle.

Brayden Coudron was also a sectional champion for the Winhawks by winning the 100 butterfly.

Both White and Coudron were on two stints that earned State places as Winona had all three of her stints ahead. Coudron and White joined Charlie Miller and Gavin Nelson to place third in the 400 freestyle relay.

Coudron teamed with Miller, Jared Loos and Julius Hanson to qualify on time in the 200 freestyle relay as the unit placed fourth. The quartet of White, Hanson, Loos and Nelson also finished fourth in the 200 medley relay and advanced in the standard time.

Hanson and Elijah Vieth added individual state berths for Winona. Hanson was third in the 200 IM and Vieth was fourth in the 500 free and progressed by the time standard.

“It was one of the fastest meets I’ve entered in my years of training,” Mayer said. “There were more athletes doing State Cups than I’ve ever seen before. It’s great for our section to send so many athletes to next week’s State meeting and I hope we all show the state what Section 1A can do.”

• Kenny Cabeen earned state places in four events for Austin, two individual and two relay. Cabeen was third in the 100 freestyle and he was fourth in the 50 freestyle and advanced by the time standard.

Both Austin stints advanced in standard time. The 200m medley quartet of Winston Walkup, Jackson Barry, Joey Hilkin and Cabeen placed fifth. Cabeen teamed with Walkup, Hilkin and Matthew Grush to take sixth place and advance in the 200 freestyle relay.

“Overall it was a great effort for the boys,” Austin coach Ryan Kelly said. “We came in as a young, largely inexperienced team. We’ve had a ton of huge time drops and we’re going to come back next year with boys who are within state birth range.”

• Red Wing had two individuals and one relay earning state spots.

Tyler Gorden placed third in the diving competition while Ethan Ihrke was sixth in the 100m butterfly and advanced in the standard time.

Red Wing was the last of seven state qualifiers in the 200 medley relay. The quartet of Jacob Flemke, Aidan O’Brien, Ihrke and Patrick Hines advanced by standard time.

Next week’s Class A state meet at the University of Minnesota is Thursday through Saturday. The diving preliminary round is Thursday and the swimming preliminary round is Friday. The finals for all events will take place on Saturday.


Team results

1. East Mankato 375, 2. Northfield 361, 3. Winona 294, 4. Simley 250, 5. (tie) Austin, West Mankato 218, 7. Red Wing 159, 8. New Prague 146, 9. Faribault 59, 10 .Albert Lea 40.

Individual results

(Winner, Austin, Red Wing, Winona top 8)

* — State qualifiers

200 Medley Relay — 1. Mankato East* 1:36.56, 4. Winona* (Colin White, Julius Hanson, Jared Loos, Gavin Nelson) 1:41.20, 5. Austin* (Winston Walkup, Jackson Barry, Joey Hilkin, Kenny Cabeen) 1:42.42 , 7. Red Wing* (Jacob Flemke, Aidan O’Brien, Ethan Ihrke, Patrick Hines) 1:44.95

200 free — 1. Nico Losinski* (Simley) 1:40.21#, 6. Elijah Vieth (Victory) 1:51.39,

200 MI — 1. Dave Wedzina* (ME) 1:59.32, 3. Julius Hanson* (Win) 2:03.99, 5. Winston Walkup (Aus) 2:06.58, 7. Jared Loos (Win) 2:10.81.

50 free — 1. Jens Kasten* (Nor) 21.69, 4. Kenny Cabeen* (Aus) 22.45, 5. Brayden Coudron (Win) 22.69, 8. Ethan Ihrke (RW) 23.66.

Diving – 1. Marioys Makar* (Sim) 325.95, 3. Tyler Gorden* (RW) 284.0, 7. Riley Ferguson (Aus) 274.05.

100 butterfly — 1. Brayden Coudron* (win) 53.24, 6. Ethan Ihrke* (RW) 54.98, 8. Joey Hilkin (Aus) 56.49.

100 free — 1. Logan Gustafson* (ME) 47.87, 2. Colin White* (Win) 48.19, 3. Kenny Cabeen* (Aus) 49.01, 7. Charlie Miller (Win) 51.32.

500m free — 1. Nico Losinski* (Sim) 4:38.30#, 4. Elijah Vieth* (Win) 5:02.10.

Relay 200 free — 1. Northfield* 1:28.47, 4. Winona* (Brayden Coudron, Charlie Miller, Jared Loos, Julius Hanson)
1:31.18, 6. Austin* (Winston Walkup, Joey Hilkin, Matthew Grush, Kenny Cabeen) 1:31.96, 7. Red Wing (Ethan Ihrke, Ezra Dennis, Aidan O’Brien, Jacob Flemke) 1:34.07.

100 back — 1. Colin White* (win) 53.36, 4. Winston Walkup (win) 56.64, 6. Jacob Flemke (RW) 57.83.

100 breaststroke — 1. Jens Kasten* (Nor) 59.91, 8. Aidan O’Brien (RW) 1:05.83.

Relay 400 free — 1. East Mankato* 3:15.36, 3. Winona* (Brayden Coudron, Charlie Miller, Gavin Nelson, Colin White) 3:21.10, 5. Austin (Lucas Myers, Kyle Mayer, Zach Evenson, Matthew Grush) 3:35.51, 6. Red Wing (Patrick Hines, Soren Toegel, Colin Johnson, Ezra Dennis) 3:41.32.

# — Encounter record.

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