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Comedy as a film genre has been around as long as narrative and visual structure. In Greek tragedies there is always catharsis at the climax of the story but even with that, the element of comic relief is very present in the form of one-liners or certain characters. In the contemporary narrative structure of films, comedy is considered a genre in its own right, however, even then, another subgenre is associated with it, such as romantic comedy, action comedy, comedy adventure, etc

The merits of comics and the comic genre are many, with sufficient physical and health benefits. But even on the business side, comedy movies and TV shows do statistically better, especially on streaming services like Netflix. The main reason behind this lies in the setup of comedy films: they have a large target audience and often overlap their target audience in other groups. But more importantly: comedy films relieve and distract their audience for a short time and have the ability to turn around a bad day.


A great example of a comedy movie is Netflix’s latest comedy movie, me time which is written and directed by John Hamburg. Hamburg has experience in both film and television. In the past, he directed episodes of television programs like new girl and The grinder and also holds several other comic works in its arsenal such as Safe Men, I love you, man, why him?, and Along Came Polly.

me time is set to release on Friday, August 26, 2022, exclusively on Netflix. Keep reading below for more details on the cast and characters of the upcoming new comedy.

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Kevin Hart plays the film’s main protagonist: Sonny. Sonny is a stay-at-home dad to his two children while his wife works as an architect. His life mainly revolves around his family, his children, their schedules and the upkeep of the house. While his friends apparently have their own lives and careers, as the trailer hints, and chastise Sonny for having no life outside of his children, he’s quite content with his responsibilities and doesn’t care. to be a husband and a father.

When an opportunity arises for him to take a break, essentially his “me time”, he is encouraged by both his friend and his wife to take some time for him. As he realizes that he is not doing well with his old single life, he is again pressured by his wife to accept his old friend – Huck’s offer and attend his party. This breakthrough leads to unexpected and wild adventures in the arid California desert, including facing an enraged tiger. More importantly, due to the domino effect and some wild encouragement, he is pushed out of his comfort zone and out of his normal life.

Kevin Hart is an African-American actor and comedian who started his career as a stand-up comedian. As an actor, he has starred in many Hollywood ventures, both in feature films and TV shows, such as Alongthe Jumanji suites, think like a manand Central intelligence among others. He has also lent his voice to animated films such as DC League of Super Pets and The secret life of pets 2and Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. In me time, Hart is involved in the film as both lead actor and producer. Kevin Hart also moved on to more serious roles and also helmed last year’s drama. Paternity and featured in the Netflix limited series True story.

Mark Wahlberg holds the spot for the film’s second leading role as Sonny’s old friend, Huck. As depicted in the trailer, Huck comes across as a carefree partier with a group of young friends. He acts as a foil for Hart’s Sonny to lack of responsibility and a free and carefree outlook on life. While the first half of the trailer defines Huck as someone who is only here for the short term with no grounded characteristics, the second half shows Huck’s affection for Sonny during the unexpected wild adventures they end up living together. Plus, it adds a new dimension to Sonny’s character and life.

Although Wahlberg is best known for his more action-oriented roles, he is also no stranger to the comedy genre and has enjoyed incredible success with blockbuster films like Ted, daddy’s house, Spenser Confidential, Instant Familyand the other guys. Some of his other notable films include city ​​destroyed, Transformers: Age of Extinction, The player, Deep water horizon, patriots day, sole survivor, boogie nights, and the 2022 action-adventure movie Unexplored. In 2007, he received a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award nomination for his role as Staff Sergeant Dignam in the Martin Scorsese film The dead.

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Regina Room plays Kevin Hart’s wife Sonny. She is a hardworking architect and breadwinner. Thanks to the support arrangement the couple share, Maya can focus entirely on her career while Sonny takes care of everything related to the children, so much so that the children are also much more comfortable with their father who does everything for them instead of just moving forward. with their mom. Even Sonny himself is quite uncomfortable with the idea of ​​Maya going alone with the children and worries about how she will be able to manage. Either way, she is a supportive wife and pushes Sonny to go away for a weekend all to himself without paying attention to family responsibilities. Even when he’s unsure about going to Huck’s party and doing things on his own, she constantly supports and pushes him for his independent “me time”.

Much like Hart, Regina Hall’s expertise lies in the comedy genre as the role that made her famous was Brenda Meeks in the horror-comedy in the horror movie film series. Me Time isn’t Hall and Hart’s first time working together, they’ve worked together before in parody movies horror movie 3, Scary Movie 4and super hero movie. The pair also appeared in the 2010 remake of Death at funeraland starred together in romantic comedies think like a man, Think like a man tooand About last night. Some of Hall’s other major works include The best man’s vacation, Girls trip, support the girls, The hate you giveand Master.

Other cast members include Jimmy O. Yang (love strong) like Stan, Luis Gerardo Mendez (Half brothers) like Armando, Tahj Mowry (baby daddy) like Kabir, and carlo rota (Trigger point) like Alberto.

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