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The following article contains spoilers for sonic the hedgehog 2.

the sonic the hedgehog The franchise is poised to reach a new level of popularity with audiences, perhaps even beyond its 90s heyday. course, the franchise is poised to be one of the biggest names in the business.

sonic the hedgehog 2 has the questionable advantage of releasing immediately after the announcement of a full Sonic Cinematic Universe. The problem with this term and the expectations surrounding it is that the film industry’s greatest successes and some of its biggest failures fall into the same category. Looking at the plot, world-building, and expansion plans in the Sonic film franchise, it’s worth speculating about future projects that may lead the Blue Blur.


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As all fans know, the cinematic adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog differ from its games, comics, and shows in several important ways. The film’s take on SEGA’s Chosen One is an alien being from an unnamed alternate world with mysterious superpowers. Hiding out on Earth with a human family, Sonic tangles with Dr. Robotnik, has fun all over his new home, and learns to be a hero.

A scene featuring characters from Sonic the Hedgehog 2

The second film introduces Tails, a Sonic fan who traveled from a different homeworld to help him, and Knuckles, a member of a rival tribe who hunts Sonic home. At the end of the second movie, Eggman is defeated, but not confirmed dead, and the classic trio of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles have become a team to fight for good. The trio depart at sunset with many unanswered questions and new worlds to traverse.

Of course, the big thing worth discussing when it comes to the Sonic the movies’ future direction would be the big reveal midway through the credits. A GUN agent explains to the apparent commander that Dr. Eggman has not been found after his seemingly fatal fall in the final battle. Eggman is likely to be around forever, not just because he’s one of the franchise’s most central characters, but because surviving logically impossible conditions to fight another day is kind of his thing. Although Eggman probably intends to stay, Jim Carrey may have other intentions. The studio clarified that his absence is the end of the character, they will not be recasting him. With that in mind, his continued role in the franchise is entirely determined by Carrey. If he returns, he will be joined, and if he does not, he will be replaced by a new threat.

Shadow the hedgehog is here. Sitting in a well-hidden research facility, trapped in a containment chamber, but wide awake. The explosive response from audiences everywhere makes it pretty clear that Shadow is the endgame of this trilogy. He’s not the Sonic franchise’s answer to Thanos, it’s something else entirely. Shadow is one of the strongest opponents Sonic has ever faced. He is the leader of the villain team in Sonic Adventure 2, the game that featured it. Since then, he has been a fan-favorite mythos.

Shadow is a morally ambiguous character. Neither Sonic’s pure good nor Eggman’s pure evil. In the context of Sonic media, that almost always means he’ll appear out of nowhere with a final boss tone, then join Team Sonic for the actual final battle. Although it is extremely unlikely that sonic the hedgehog 3 will follow the plot of Sonic Adventure 2elements of it will likely make the transition.

Shadow provides an obvious antagonist for the third film, but what could be waiting behind the scenes beyond the shadowy hedgehog. There’s a huge pile of potential antagonists in the games, most of whom haven’t lasted more than one game. Chaos, Infinite, Zavok, Mephisto, and many others are not recognized by the franchise beyond the occasional removal of name or visual reference. They are highly unlikely to make it to the big screen.

The only good candidate from the games would be Metal Sonic. This robotic threat is often large enough to force enemies to become friends. Eggman does Metal Sonic in the games, but the movies are no strangers to changing the backstory. Either exposing the project Eggman is working on in secret, or leaving the machinations of another force in the plot, Metal Sonic would be the perfect antagonist.


The upcoming spinoff series is perhaps the most mysterious aspect of the ongoing cinematic universe. All we know is that Idris Elba’s Knuckles will be in the lead. It could be a prequel to his warrior culture, or it could place him in the role of the Master Emerald’s traditional guardian. The real weird ground would be a Chaotix Fists movie, but it still seems unlikely. Knuckles is a pretty straightforward character, but he’s a huge fan favorite. There are a ton of interesting stories they could tell about this new version of the character.

However, the sonic the hedgehog film franchise grows, fans will be thrilled to watch it grow. Whichever direction you take, the ongoing adventures of Sonic and his friends are bound to delight fans and newcomers alike.

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