What’s next for Rutgers football QB?


CHAMPAIGN, Illinois – It was a unique situation, new not only for Rutgers but for all college football.

Gavin Wimsatt, who had signed up to Rutgers’ recruiting class of 2022, decided to forgo the remainder of his high school season and joined the Scarlet Knights in early September, far ahead of schedule.

Greg Schiano stressed at the time that the coaching staff would slowly relieve him, not wanting to overwhelm a player who was supposed to be still in high school.

But the big question for everyone off the schedule was whether Wimsatt would play this season, and if he did, what the situation would be.

Rutgers emphatically delivered the answer on Saturday.

The Scarlet Knights, behind Illinois by four points at the end of the third quarter, put Wimsatt in the game after starter Noah Vedral left the field after a big hit. Rutgers faced a fourth and five.

Looking calm and confident, Wimsatt took the shot, escaped the rush, paced the field and found Bo Melton. He delivered a strike for a gain of 13 yards to keep the practice going.

Vedral returned and scored the touchdown two games later, sending Rutgers to a possible 20-14 victory over the Illini at Memorial Stadium.

“He’s a talented kid,” said Vedral, who helped help Wimsatt acclimate to the program. “He has a bright future.

The veteran quarterback has been impressed with the progress Wimsatt has made since joining the program.

Wimsatt became the second player to choose this path after Ohio State rookie QB Quinn Ewers skipped his final year of high school to join the Buckeyes for training camp.

Rutgers’ season had already started when Wimsatt joined him.

“So it comes at a weird time, right? To be in the middle of the season it’s a weird time to get your feet wet,” said Vedral. “It’s like diving head first into the most intense, craziest part of the year. And he did a great job. He sometimes had to do his own thing to catch up while we’re in. following the game plan. But he was always happy to work and worked really hard. I was happy to see it paying off for him. “

The next steps ?

Now the new question is whether Wimsatt will play again this season.

This is not out of the question, but nothing is determined at this point.

“I don’t know what it looks like,” Schiano said. “We just want to make sure we get him on the right track. I know you can say, well fourth in a big road game. We wanted to do it on the road. Give him his first shot on the road. , so it wasn’t all the fanfare of our fans.… I was happy. I was glad we got to get him in, certainly glad he got to do what he did. And really happy. may Noah have come back and lead us to victory. “

Schiano said there were a few packages Wimsatt is involved in, including the one he raced against Illinois on his debut.

Time will tell how Wimsatt is used again.

But for now, his teammates were happy to see Wimsatt pass in a huge spot.

“Gavin, he’s got a lot of enthusiasm,” said running back Isaih Pacheco. “I love that he always brings a smile, and when we’re in training, his energy. Even on the sidelines and in the locker room, he’s a good guy, a good person all around. that helps us on the offensive, when we have guys like. Whenever their turn is called, come in and do the job. That’s what he did. “

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