What is the best Persona 4 game according to the reviews?


Persona 4 is one of the franchise’s most beloved entries, but how does its spinoff stack up in the eyes of critics?

The success of the 2008s Persona 4 lead Atlus to continue the investigative team’s adventures in a variety of spinoffs and re-releases, a trend that would continue with Persona 5. Covering a variety of genres, Persona 4 and its spinoff offers fans new ways to enjoy the game’s fantastic storytelling, characters and music.

However, with so many games and spinoffs released, fans may be wondering which Persona 4 the game is the best. To find out, let’s take a look at how reviewers rated each game, averaging their Metacritic and Internet Game Database scores to rank each.

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7. Persona 4: Dance the night away – 77/100

Persona 4: dance the night away is a rhythm game where the investigative team dance as they please. Players must press the corresponding buttons to the beat of the music. Unlike the other Character dance games, however, Persona 4: dance the night away The story of the original actually continues as the cast uncover a mystery surrounding a missing idol group. However, instead of using their Personas, the investigation team must find a non-violent way to release the trapped shadows by using dance to free their minds. While Dance the night away is the lowest ranked game on the list, it received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with critics praising its unique history and use of Persona 4amazing soundtrack.

6. Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth – 80/100

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth is a continuation of a parallel Nintendo 3DS series that combines the castings of different Character Games. Persona 3‘s SEES and Persona 5The Phantom Thieves join the investigative team in a dungeon-crawling RPG adventure heavily based on the film. Persona users need to create happy endings for each story, reminding players that the future is theirs. The title garnered largely positive reviews for its styling.

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5. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth – 82.5 / 100

The predecessor of New cinema labyrinth, 2014 Persona Q: Shadow of the Maze includes characters from P4 and P3 as they navigate another realm full of dangers. The teams must help the new characters Zen and Rei recover their memories in the hope of escaping. The game includes first-person elements to help navigate the mazes, and players can also use Personas to fight enemies. The title was received positively by critics, who found it as rewarding as it was entertaining.

4. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – 86/100

Persona 4 entered the world of fighting games with Persona 4 Arena and continued its story in Ultimax. These games prove that CharacterThe characters of are just as capable of physically fighting their opponents as they use the mystical powers of their true selves or dance their opponents to submit. Ultimax the game features a massive roster of characters from Persona 3 and 4 and tells a story in a visual novel style between fights. Its gameplay and story received critical praise at launch.

3. Persona 4 Arena – 87/100

Thanks to the twinning of Atlus and Arc System Works, Persona 4 Arena The story began which saw the heroes of the third and fourth parts fighting with friends and foes. The fighting game broke the mold by moving away from the standard RPG elements of the series while including a narrative that encompassed its main characters. Between battles, players could uncover the story through visual novel segments that were divided by the investigative team and SEES. The title was lauded for its roster, gameplay, and storytelling and ultimately helped usher in more crossovers between the Character characters.

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2. Persona 4 – 91.5 / 100

Persona 4 attack yu yosuke shit

Character 4 focuses on a murder mystery that the protagonist and his friends must solve by entering the world of television. There they must confront themselves, activating their Personas to fight dangerous Shadows. Apart from exploring dungeons and turn-based battles, players will be able to improve Yu’s social skills and bond with other characters. Persona 4 has been a success for the franchise, helping it reach the heights it enjoys today. However, one game surpasses it.

1. Persona 4 Gold – 93.5 / 100

Persona 4 Gold takes the first place to improve the existing game with new social ties and story elements. These greatly expand the impact of the story without compromising what made the original so great initially. By adding a new dungeon, endings, difficulty settings, music tracks and much more Persona 4 Gold has become the definitive way to experience this amazing game.

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