Uncontested elections lead to voter apathy towards elections: Mahbub Talukder


Mahbub Talukder

Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder said on Wednesday voters were losing interest in the elections due to the irregularity of the elections and the corruption of the electoral system.

The apathy of “voters” towards elections does not bode well for democracy. The credibility of the electoral process and of the management depends on it. The Election Commission should not be held solely responsible for overcoming this difficulty. This situation cannot be improved without a general consensus between the political parties, ”he said.

He also said that candidates elected without challenge in local elections discredited the country’s electoral system.

“It becomes essential to find out the reasons why elections are held without opposition and to take action accordingly,” the electoral commission said at a press conference in its office in Nirbachan Bhaban in Dhaka.

He organized the press conference to talk about the first phase of the Union Parishad elections held on Monday.

The elections were marked by violence, boycott and irregularities.

Forty-three candidates for the presidency of the ruling Awami League in 160 trade union parishes were elected without opposition.

“Multiparty participation in an election is essential for a multiparty democracy,” he added.

Mahbub said he was disappointed by the silence of all parties and groups concerned on the International Day of Democracy on September 15.

He questioned the integrity and ambition of the party in the practice of democracy, saying: “Are we reluctant to join the adventure of democracy?

Talukder, the acting chief electoral commissioner, said it was not possible to introduce a sudden change in electoral management in such a short time.

“Three people were killed during the elections. It is extremely painful. I have always said that elections are not more important than life. Whatever incident or accident occurred during an election, the responsibility rests with the electoral commission, ”he said, adding that measures had been taken to prevent the recurrence of unforeseen incidents such as electoral violence and irregularities in future elections.

Talukder also said the turnout – 69.34% – in this year’s UP elections was quite good.

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