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If you are planning to go on an excursion, should you opt for a self-guided or guided excursion?

Some bikers may argue that an organized motorcycle trip is not considered a “real” adventure, but many of us don’t have the time and know-how to plan a motorcycle trip, especially if it’s This is a remote place.

Independent travel is possible when you have weeks, months, or even years to just ride and explore. But if you only have ten or fourteen days a year to get away from it all, an organized motorbike tour is the best option – the research, planning and booking are already done for you. All you have to do is fly, roll and enjoy.

Yet, not all bike tours are created equal. So what’s the difference between self-guided and guided motorcycle tours, and which should you aim for?

Self-guided motorcycle tours

The beauty of self-guided motorcycle tours is that they usually include bike rentals, route planning, and often even hotel stays and off-bike activities along the way while allowing you to move freely. It’s more complicated than a bike rental, where you just grab a bike and go on your own; usually the package includes bike rental, pre-programmed GPS or at least route recommendations, pre-booked accommodation and offers or highlights for rest days. A self-guided tour is a fantastic option if you’re a lone wolf preferring to ride solo, or if you want to invite your friends to ride but can’t afford the time or hassle of route research and planning .

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Self-guided motorcycle tours can be found all over the world, and each is uniquely designed. Some offer the essentials – biking, routes and hotel recommendations – while others are meticulously planned, allowing you to ride at your own pace, but without having to choose routes and hotels. The best part is that most self-guided motorcycle tours can take place whenever you want – you don’t have to stick to certain dates and you can have a lot more flexibility in scheduling.

Guided motorcycle tours

Each motorcycle agency has its own distinct twist when it comes to guided motorcycle tours, but most have the same basic features: bike rental (with or without luggage), guide, pre-planned routes, and scenic stops along the way. , and pre-booked hotels. Often, guided motorcycle tours also feature a chase vehicle that carries spare bike parts, food, luggage, or all of the above; sometimes you can have both head and sweep guides for added security.

Guided or self-guided motorcycle tours // ADV Rider

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Most of the time the guides will speak the language(s) of the region and have a lot of local knowledge and experience, which will make the tour much more colorful and provide a deeper experience of the local landscape and culture.

Motorcycle tours are usually for groups of bikers, so you’ll have the opportunity to meet other like-minded souls during the trip. Some guided motorcycle tours also include off-bike activities on rest days depending on the destination – this can range from spearfishing in the Caribbean to hiking, rafting, tasting the cuisine or local wine, wildlife viewing or visiting locals.

Self-guided or guided?

Which option to choose, self-guided or guided, depends on your personal preference. Self-guided tours are perfect for people who like to explore on their own while enjoying the convenience of a pre-planned trip; guided motorcycle tours are suitable for motorcyclists who want to worry about nothing but the riding and the experience. Self-guided and guided motorcycle tours can be on-road, off-road, or a combination of the two, and most are available just about anywhere in the world, from the Americas to Africa and beyond.

Guided or self-guided motorcycle tours // ADV Rider

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If you’re dying to get out and ride alone, but don’t have time to research and plan, and if you’re confident riding solo in a foreign land with some unpredictability at your fingertips hand, a self-guided tour is for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to ride with others, meet new people and have an experienced guide to lead the ride and show you around, a guided motorcycle tour is the perfect motorcycle vacation imaginable.

Which are you, a lone wolf or a social rider, and would you opt for a semi-independent or guided tour? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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