Tower of Fantasy: does it have guilds?

Tower of Fantasy attracts players from all over the world to its servers. The game accumulates the number of players and many people have joined to play the game together as they enjoy all that the world has to offer. Of course, many wonder if there are any sort of guilds in the experience, as many MMORPGs tend to have in one form or another. This guide article will tell you everything you need to know about Tower of Fantasy guilds.

Fantasy Guilds Tour

There are indeed guilds in Tower of Fantasy although they have a different name, so you should know the term for them. They are called “Crews” in the game. You will be on the same server as your other crew members and can continue to grow your crew up to 180 players. There’s definitely plenty of content to enjoy, so having a dedicated group of players you can rely on to work with will always be a good thing to have.

Ultimately, server selection is going to be vitally important, so make sure you choose the server you know others are going to be with who you want to join your team. Either way, with the large number of players already in the game, you’ll have little to no trouble finding a large number of people to start your team-building journey with. It’s time to dive into the game and really make yourself known in the beautiful world you will inhabit! In other words, once you have solved all the launch server problems, although nevertheless when you are in the game, you will be able to group up with others in style.

Tower of Fantasy is available now for free and is playable for Android, IOS and PC.

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