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There is a certain level of freedom and bravery when it comes to anime industry that gives the impression that anything is possible. There are some extremely unusual stories being told in the anime that would be impossible to tell in any other medium, and it’s continually exciting to see how the industry continues to evolve. Animated series can last for hundreds of episodes and trigger sprawling franchises where series of suites are the norm.

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Straightforward sequels of classic series always generate tons of anticipation, but there have also been more a push towards derivative series which approach a certain corner of a pre-existing universe through a different lens. Some of these anime spin-offs take particularly wild risks, which can lead to some very surprising projects.

ten Puni Puni Poemy brilliantly laughs at the kind of oversaturated magical girl

Split Screen Anime Puni Puni Poemy

Excel Saga is one of The most fearless gag animated series of all time, and each episode pokes fun at a different genre of anime to near perfection. The end of Excel Saga tease a fake follow-up, Poem Punished Punished, which the series turns into reality with an absurd two-episode spinoff OVA series. Poem Punished Punished is somehow even more unbalanced than its predecessor. It mainly targets the absurd and exacerbated nature of the magical girl series, while also combining them with plenty of mecha staples at the same time.

9 Attack on Titan: Junior High trades constant fear for slapstick hilarity

It’s become a strange trend in the anime industry to give some of the more serious series an adorable spinoff series where everyone gets a chibi facelift. The attack of the Titans has built a revered reputation for its incredible action sequences, inspired storytelling and extreme character development. There are several angles for a The attack of the Titans spin-off, and some OVA series have helped shed light on overlooked periods in history. What is completely unexpected is Attack on Titan: Junior High, which features a younger version of the cast and storytelling that focuses on the laughs, not the carnage.

8 So spoke Rohan Kishibe digs in the strangest corners of the JoJo universe

Hirohiko Araki JoJo’s bizarre adventure is one of the most versatile long-running series due to the generational approach to storytelling that has allowed the narrative to span decades across a wide range of fields. The diamond is unbreakable is a standout episode in the series, but it’s especially surprising how popular the series is bellicose and selfish mangaka, Rohan Kishibe, became.

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Rohan received both an animated and live-action spin-off where he uses his Heaven’s Door medium to investigate strange individuals. It sounds a lot more like mystery and horror than the norm Jojo.

7 Cells at work! Code Black sheds light on the horrors of the human body

cells at work black fire code

Cells at work! does a surprisingly entertaining job at bringing the inner workings of the human body to life. The anthropomorphization of blood cells and organs in the human body is nothing new, but Cells at work! gives a feeling of freshness. There is such endless versatility in this premise that many Cells at work! fallout has occurred which is limited to specific parts of biology. Cells at work! Code Black turns to the most debilitating and deadly issues that can plague the body, but it presents these conditions as a horror series, rather than the adventure angle of the original series.

6 Angel Links expands corners of Outlaw Star’s futuristic universe

Sometimes the fallout can be based on such disparate elements, but Angel ties, strange as it sounds, looks like a more natural extension of how spin-offs work. Angel ties relies on Outlaw star, with the characters of the spin-off coming from the episode “Law and Lawlessness”, who could be considered a backdoor pilot. Angel ties stands out from its space pirate predecessor with a prospect so fascinated by the technology and transport that make up the larger universe of the franchise. Lead in Angel ties, Meifon Li, is also a stark contrast to The Outlaw Star Gene Starwind.

5 Mr. Tonegawa: The middle management blues heightens humor in the workplace

Huge changes in tone and style can either doom a spinoff series or catapult it to success. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor is a suspenseful series that focuses on high stakes gaming. There are sometimes lighter moments, but it’s meant to be a tense experience.

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Mr. Tonegawa: the blues of middle managers leans to the opposite extreme with a gag-centric series that almost feels like Office Where Calm your enthusiasm. The comedic spin-off unwraps the endless juggling act that middle managers must perform to keep their employees, as well as their boss, satisfied.

4 Soul eater no! Push Meister Madness into more humble slice of life territory

Soul eater is one of the most popular series of recent decades, and its general premise which involves the capricious relationship between sensitive weapons and the meisters who wield them is exceptional. Soul eater no! is a 12-episode spin-off prequel series that focuses on students in the NOT – Normally Overcome Target – class, as opposed to those in the EAT program. NO people don’t want to become warriors of justice, but just to contain their powers and not hurt anyone. It grows Soul eater no! in a more comical slice of life.

3 Rock Lee and his ninja friends breathe new life into Naruto with a new humorous point of view

Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals, a Naruto spin-off

Naruto is one of the most prolific animated series of all time, and even now it continues to expand its story through the following series, Boruto: The Next Generations Of Naruto. Naruto and its sequels still focus on kinetic ninja action, which is why Rock Lee and his ninja friends is such a breath of fresh air. At just over 50 episodes, Rock lee pushes Naruto into a supportive position and instead focuses on Rock Lee’s light training efforts. A bit like with Attack on Titan: Junior High, the change of tone in this spin-off is the principal’s perfect palette cleanser Naruto cannon.

2 Burn the Witch pushes Bleach’s World to overthrow London’s Witch Society

Burn the witch

Bleach is another classic shonen anime series that sadly fell victim to unruly filler stretching. Burn the witch has very little crossing of Bleach other than the fact that it takes place in the same world and uses the same powers and magic. The spin-off takes place in the Western branch of Soul Society, in Reverse London, as it follows two determined witches. As it is, Burn the witch anime offerings were only a film adaptation, but with more Burn the witch manga on the way, it would be highly unlikely for more anime not to follow.

1 Super Dragon Ball Heroes is glorified fan fiction without restraint

The Dragon ball the franchise has reached new heights of popularity such that any additional piece of content is going to receive a ton of attention. Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a derivative promotional series which is designed to help sell and promote the video game, Dragon Ball Heroes. Just like in the corresponding video game series, Super Dragon Ball Heroes just adds as many popular characters as possible, even if that means multiple versions of Goku and Vegeta are fighting together at once. It’s such a confusing show to watch because it casts so much on the audience.

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