The best Sidney Poitier movies and how to watch them


Sidney Poitier is best known as a dramatic actor, but the underrated 1972 neo-western “Buck and the Preacher” shows that he also had an incredible talent for comedy. And it had to be something he was also anxious to get out of his system, as “Buck and the Preacher” was Poitier’s first effort as a director as well.

The film tells the story of a chariot master (Poitier) and a false preacher (Harry Belafonte) who team up to bring freed slaves to safety while slaughtering all manner of evil white raiders. Poitier, replacing unsuitable original director Joseph Sargent, later said of the experience that, “After three or four takes of that first scene, a calm took hold of me. Confidence surged through my whole body … and me, as green as I was, I had a touch for this new profession that I had been courting from a distance for many, many years “(via Movies! TV Network).

This confidence is certainly seen in the end product. As well as being a pioneering black directed western, “Buck and the Preacher” is a piece of cake – a thrilling and thrilling adventure film, as charismatic as its creator. Although a box office disappointment at the time, the film has since become a cult favorite; even legendary New York Times critic Vincent Canby celebrated his display of “talent for the easy, unsupervised, and exuberant humor that is lacking in [Poitier’s] more majestic films. “

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