The best co-op games on PC

PCs were the starting point for multiplayer gaming. While consoles stole the show for a while by allowing multiple people to easily play on one system together, PCs have always taken the lead in giving gamers the most options for multiplayer games. Most of the time, people come to PC for competitive action, and there are a ton of options for those looking to compete in just about every genre imaginable, but there are also a host of unique experiences. and high quality which focus on cooperation.

Cooperative games focus on, or at least feature, two or more players working together against the game itself. This can take the form of puzzles, enemy AI, or even just systems in the game itself. There’s hardly any genre that hasn’t at least made some attempts to add co-op, and with online play being the norm, more and more people are looking to use games as a way to spend time with friends also like to have fun. PC gamers have almost too much co-op games to choose from right now, so we’ve scoured all the storefronts and picked out 15 of the best co-op games you can play on PC.

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