Steve Backshall let his ears bleed after diving with a shark


Steve Backshall punctured both eardrums while filming his new shark documentary. (Sky United Kingdom)

Steve Backshall was left with “blood flowing from my ears” after a dive went wrong during the filming of his new documentary series Shark with Steve Backshall.

The 48-year-old adventurer heads the new series for Sky, in which he travels the world to learn about the diversity of sharks and how their lives are threatened by human activity.

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Backshall told the Mirror he was diving with a whale shark on one occasion during filming when something seriously went wrong.

He said: “I had a bit of a cold and snorkeled right on the whale shark and punctured both my eardrums and came back to the surface with excruciating pain and jumped .

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“There was blood flowing from my ears and I was in agony and there was a large bloody whale shark in the back of the boat, right there in the water.”

Backshall said his first thought was for the shoot, which required them to get the footage of the whale shark while they could.

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He was grateful that the shark was still in the area after an hour, which allowed him to restart the dive.

Backshall said: “I put on headphones to keep the water out of my head, and I jumped into the water and we had our streak – in excruciating pain and bleeding from the ears. “

Steve Backshall films a play in front of the camera while filming his new shark documentary.  (True to Nature / Sky UK)

Steve Backshall films a play in front of the camera while filming his new shark documentary. (True to Nature / Sky UK)

The presenter confessed that he was asked about the circumstances of his return to the UK, visiting an ear specialist.

He confessed : “[The doctor] said, “When you puncture your eardrums, there will be no diving for you for the next two or three months.”

“He then asked, ‘You haven’t gone back into the water, have you?’ And I said, ‘Uh, no! Definitely not’. “

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Backshall has directed dozens of nature and wildlife shows over a 20-year career on television screens, primarily for the BBC.

Shark with Steve Backshall is scheduled to air on Sky from November 7.

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