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Appreciation. Zaragoza. young company from dive doctorl, a “spin off” of University of Zaragoza The company that uses technology to detect vision problems has found a new identity that will allow it to better define its market entry and further development. Project/Reality promoted at its beginnings Diego Gutierrezuniversity researchers, and Victoria Puyopediatrician at Miguel Cervet Hospital, and co-founded by him in February 2020 Belen Macia, Marta Ortinu You mabel gimenoWas one of the six winners of the VII edition of the event ‘Emprande Inhealth’an initiative promoted by Lilyone of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and Unlimited Spain, an impact accelerator that supports social and/or environmental start-ups in their transformation towards sustainable development. The program aims to “accelerate solutions for emerging companies to make them available to patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals and to innovate in the field in various areas of pharmaceutical expertise”. Each year, the six selected small businesses benefit from “mentoring”, mentoring, training, “networking” and exposure.

ready for the market. Dive Medical, which uses technology based on “eye tracking” and artificial intelligence, to fully screen and examine visual function, even in patients with barriers to cooperation, such as children with previous verbal disorders or cognitive, is about to have a CE certificate re-validating its technology and plans to hit the market next October. To start this journey, as Mabel Gimeno told this newspaper, it would be useful to attend an event promoted by Lille and Unlimited Spain. “This will give us more visibility and better information to reach the market”, he indicated after noting with satisfaction that a hundred projects were submitted in this edition of Emprande Inhealth and that only six were preselected. Dive Medical’s technology consists of a “hardware” device and two “software” modules, one that measures what the patient sees and another for screening, which uses artificial intelligence to detect problems of vision in a person. makes. Is able to recommend you to go to the ophthalmologist. The Zaragoza start-up is led by Victoria Puyo in the medical field, by Marta Ortin in technology and by Mabel Gimeno in business management. The team is made up of seven people, who will be joined by three other people with the support of the Investiga programme.

Other winners. Other “start ups” that will participate in the event promoted by Lille and Unlimited Spain from September are Inaerobic rehabilitationa digital platform based on social robotics and artificial intelligence that offers rehabilitation sessions to people with limitations in their motor, cognitive and social abilities; Adam RobotT, a collaborative robot treating musculoskeletal pathology; loop-dxan emergency diagnostic tool that identifies early infections; revisea digital solution for the rehabilitation of traumatic and neurological deformities of the wrist-hand-finger segment, and legal.healthA platform that detects and measures more than 232 skin pathologies.

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