Start ‘Em, Sit’ Em for week 6 against the Lions


Cincinnati Bengals kicker Evan McPherson – Mandatory Credit: Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals traveled to downtown Detroit on Sunday after a disappointing home overtime loss to the Green Bay Packers in hopes of regaining their early season momentum against the winless Lions.

While the Lions are indeed winless so far in 2021, that doesn’t mean they don’t have intriguing fantastic options. The Lions have currently scored the 25th most points in the league.

Does that mean we are bypassing this game for fantastic purposes? Of course not! There is still some fantastic useful performance despite the records involved.

A creative and astute manager can still glean useful Fantasy Points even in the most putrid clashes. Now I’m not saying it’s a putrid match. It’s not like it’s a Texans game, but the perceived lack of upside-down whimsy for this game needs to be put aside.

Let’s dive deep into a shallow pool and find our departures and seats for week 6 with the Motor City kittens.

Start Them – Evan McPherson

You didn’t see it coming, did you? Of course not. Maybe you should have.

Show of hands if you’ve lost your faith in the Florida rookie. Put your hand down! The child will be fine.

The wind was blowing at Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday and Evan McPherson – who was previously silver – missed two potential field goals. One of those field goals was roughly downtown Newport while the other was a bit closer.

Either way, the important point to remember was that Zac Taylor trusted McPherson to attempt a bomb from the 859 area code. In fantasy terms, that’s huge. The longer the kick, the more points there are.

Against the Lions on Sunday, McPherson will play in the cozy precinct of Ford Field. Children, it’s a dome. If you aren’t impatient to see how far McPherson can connect in a controlled environment, you shouldn’t be using kickers in your fantasy league.

The Lions have been dashing kittens in 2021 although they haven’t had any wins. If it weren’t for a botched non-appeal on a game delay against the Ravens, the Lions would have at least one win on the board and against what appear to be a strong Ravens team.

In a points game, expect Taylor to take out McPherson every chance he can, and the kid will strike from long distance, rebuilding his confidence and possibly winning the game.

Prediction: 2 extra points, 3 baskets, 1 from downtown Windsor, Canada.

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