Speak of the Devils Podcast: Fall Camp Update

(3TV/CBS 5) — Fall camp is in full swing as the Sun Devils prepare for the Sept. 1 season opener. We break down the latest camp developments and discuss how key position battles are playing out. Plus, we’re talking with the freshman defensive tackle Robby Harrison (1:07:56).


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Pac-12 and National Preview: We break down the conference and the national landscape with ESPN’s Matt Barrie, and we chat with security Khoury Bethley and TE Messiah Swinson.

Fall Camp Preview: We break down key positional battles and highlight critical storylines to follow as the Sun Devils open up fall camp.

Pac-12 Media Day Recap: A look at the key points George Kliavkoff and others made during Pac-12 Media Day.

Media day with the devils: We chat with DE Michael Matus, TE Jalin Conyers, CB Timarcus Davis, C Ben Scott and FB Case Hatch.

Breakout Candidates for 2022: We count the Devils ready for the spotlight and chat with EMU head coach Chris Creighton.

ASU’s place in a post-Pac-12 world: We discuss the impact of leaving USC and UCLA on the future of ASU and the future of the sport as a whole with Hod Rabino.

Mailbag, Softball Misfortunes, and More: We answer questions from listeners, talk softball with Brady Vernon, and chat with ASU DL Jalil Rivera-Harvey and NAU head football coach Chris Ball.

Stone Cole’s year in review: Bah bah, king! It’s Sparky’s music! In honor of our 316th episode, we’re taking a Stone Cold-themed look back at the year that has been dedicated to Sun Devil sports. There were a lot of things that made us say “Hell yeah!” and many that provoked a “What?!”

A positive momentum: We break some good news and chat with new WR Cam Johnson.

Here today, gone tomorrow: After a look at new NFL-bound Sun Devil alumni, we chat with a pair of recent commits: Iowa State transfer Joey Ramos and 2023 quarterback Izzy Carter. We then dive into a detailed and candid discussion of ASU’s issues with transfer gate losses and the (in)NIL action.

What We Learned From Spring Practices: A round table with Hod Rabino and Cole Topham on the great lessons of the spring ball.

The last ball of spring: A discussion of spring developments with Cole Topham of DevilsDigest.com.

Spring Practice Update: We dive into early storylines and chat with freshman WR Javen Jacobs.

Spring Training Preview: We look forward to the Spring Ball and chat with DJ Davidson and Tyler Johnson about their roads to the NFL Draft.

Sun Devil State of Play: We dive into the major issues of the program with Jordan Simone.

EMERGENCY EPISODE: Jayden Daniels enters the transfer portal: We break down the news of the ASU QB leaving town.

Football Update and Baseball Season Preview: We discuss the latest football staff moves and preview the baseball season with Travis Buck.

Signing day and staff commotion: We review new hires and staff turnover with Hod Rabino.

EMERGENCY EPISODE: A major reshuffle of the coaching staff: We discuss dismissals and resignations with Hod Rabino of DevilsDigest.com.

ASU Transfer Portal Activity Tracking: We break down the arrivals and departures through the portal and catch up with incumbent QB Ethan Long.

ASU 2021 Season Awards: We pay tribute to the best (and worst) of Arizona State’s 2021 football season.

Overview of the Las Vegas Bowl: A bowl game preview and conversation with new TE Messiah Swinson.

Summary of the early signing period: A deep dive into ASU’s first group of signers with Hod Rabino and new DT Robby Harrison.

No such thing as an offseason: We discuss the latest developments of an already busy time of year.

Retained the territorial section; And now?: The regular season is over, but the drama has only just begun, plus a conversation with Ralph Amsden.

2021 Territorial Cup preview: We get a glimpse of Duel in the Desert with Brandon Magee, DJ Foster and Adam Green.

A thrilling return and the fight against the beavers: We break down ASU’s comeback against Washington and predict a battle with the Beavs.

Defeat the Trojans and a battle by the bay: We discuss the big win against USC and anticipate a key game against Washington.

ASU Basketball Season Preview with Kyle Dodd: We’re joined by former ASU point guard and current radio analyst Kyle Dodd for an in-depth discussion on the upcoming season.

Searching for answers after a staggering loss: We discuss the aftermath of losing Wazzu with Jordan Simone and preview the battle against USC.

ASU vs. Washington State Preview: We look forward to ASU’s comeback game, chat with kicker commit Carter Brown and chat with Ralph Amsden of the Devils and the Pac-12.

Goodbye Solar Devils State: We have a frank and in-depth discussion on the state of the team with Jordan Simone and Hod Rabino.

A Game of Revenge in Salt Lake City: We preview the rivalry game in SLC and chat with ASU DE Anthonie Cooper.

Rise in the Rose Bowl: We review ASU’s declaration of victory over UCLA with Jordan Simone and anticipate the Friday night lights.

A Southern Showdown in Pasadena: We review the win over Colorado, discuss recruiting challenges and predict a major showdown with the South.

Preview of BYU and ASU’s fallout against Colorado: We discuss the botched loss in Provo and look forward to the Pac-12 opening.

ASU vs. BYU Preview: A review of the uneven victory against the Rebels and a preview of the ranked game in Provo.

ASU vs. UNLV Preview: A look at the opening victory and a glimpse of a rebel rout.

ASU vs. Southern Utah Preview: We have a preview of the 2021 season opener.

Preview and predictions for the 2021 season: We are joined by Hod Rabino and Jordan Simone for a frenzied preview round table.

A loss on the line + countdown of the most important players: We discuss the Devils’ latest losses and count the most crucial players. Plus, a conversation with USC head coach Clay Helton.

Camp update and staff changes: We discuss the impact of the latest training moves, the biggest upsets from the start of camp and chat with new TE coach Juston Wood and ESPN’s Matt Barrie.

2021 Fall Camp Preview: We get a look at the big positional battles and key scenarios from fall camp, plus talks with OC Zak Hill and DL coach Robert Rodriguez.

Pac-12 2021 and national preview: We take a look at the season ahead and chat with 4-Star RB Commitment Tevin White and Utah Head Coach Kyle Whittingham.

ASU in the crosshairs of the Pac-12 Media Day: We discuss big storylines live from Pac-12 Media Day in Hollywood with Hod Rabino.

How ASU Recruits During NCAA Investigation: After a look at some recent news, we dive into the latest developments and get a great insight into The Athletic’s Doug Haller situation. Next, we dig deeper into how the Sun Devils continue to recruit during the investigation with DevilsDigest.comit is Hod Rabino.

ASU football under NCAA investigation: The positive momentum surrounding Arizona State football came to an abrupt halt this week as news broke that the program was being investigated by the NCAA for recruiting violations. We discuss the situation, possible ramifications and much more.

Willie Bloomquist hired as new ASU baseball coach: We discuss hiring program legend Willie Bloomquist to take the reins of Sun Devil baseball. Additionally, we are joined by D1baseball.com editor Kendall Rogers for her thoughts on the move.

The End of the Tracy Smith Era for ASU Baseball: We discuss the fallout and what comes next after the change in coaching, and we get expert advice from DevilsDigest.comby Hod Rabino and “The Voice of the Sun Devils” Tim Healey.

A New Pac-12 Commish & Fixing College Football: Along with guests Hod Rabino and George Wright, we break down the new Pac-12 rental and fix the sport we love.

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