Rick & Morty Creator’s High on Life is a wacky Xbox FPS

The June Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase showcased more than three dozen titles slated for release over the next 12 months. From Kojima’s partnership with Xbox Game Studios to a preview of Hollow Knight: Silksong and news on the highly anticipated Studio Wildcard ARK II, surprises abound. However, one title, in particular, stood out from the rest. From Justin Roiland, the creator of rick and morty and solar oppositescomes a wacky FPS called Raised on life.

Developed by Squanch Games, the upcoming shooter is set to launch as a console exclusive in October. After successful submission of Trover saves the universe and Accounting+the new objective of the independent developer is Raised on life, a game that Roiland describes as an absolute dream and a “triple I” title. While putting it on the same level as the current AAA blockbusters on the market might sound frighteningly ambitious, the game really does look promising in every sense of the word.

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Rest comfortably in the same kind as rick and morty, Raised on lifeThe space theme comes with quirky aliens, over-the-top science, and a boatload of crude humor. Players take on the role of an unemployed high school graduate whose melancholy pours into their very being, leaving them with no prospect for the future. Since nothing lasts forever, their uneventful life is turned upside down when an alien drug cartel invades Earth. Unable to resist the call to adventure, the unlikely hero forges an alliance with sentient talkative gunslingers in hopes of becoming the deadliest bounty hunter in the galaxy and maybe even beyond.

To fight against humanity’s infamous slavery, players will have to traverse a vast world filled with colorful biomes. As different planets are likely to serve as stages, it will be possible to revisit them to find collectibles and undiscovered human stragglers. Not only will players hone their skills and enjoy the scenery, they’ll also discover exciting narrative surprises, adding a welcome touch of creativity to the intergalactic bounty hunting experience.

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The unusual narrative delivery is another aspect that makes Raised on life unique among other shooters. While the protagonist has the ability to team up with various alien weapons they encounter during their interdimensional space travels, these charismatic weaponry also help guide the story and provide goals. Unfazed by their predicament, guns, knives, and other forms of deadly objects will happily voice their opinions during pivotal moments in the campaign. Their input will push players to make certain decisions, which can often lead to different outcomes in the story.

Like most titles in the FPS genre, Raised on lifeWeapons come with special skills that give the protagonist an edge over their opponents. If operated accordingly and strategically, taking down the goons of the cartel and their leader, the infamous Garmantuous, should be no problem. While replayable hunter challenges will help aspiring bounty hunters earn the in-game resources needed to procure upgrades and other alien tech, Warp Bases will serve as refill stations for suit, ammo, and enemy encounters. players.

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With no qualms about straying from the conventional structures that have ingrained themselves in the gaming industry over the years, Squanch Games’ goofy action-adventure shooter Metroidvania rides the wave of free speech without hindrances. Although its mechanics are widely accepted as the gold standard that games in the parent genre cannot do without, Raised on lifeThe perspective of their execution is its driving force, and they are bound to ensure a positive reception and good player retention.

Alongside Xbox One and Xbox Series X owners, PC enthusiasts can also expect High on life. Xbox Game Pass members can enjoy the title from day one. So far, Squanch Games has not revealed whether it plans to expand the game’s services to PlayStation. Given that the indie developer has experience with Sony platforms under its belt, it’s likely the goofy FPS will eventually come to PlayStation after its Xbox exclusivity period ends.

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