Rhaili wins as experience beats bravery at Dukhan Road Race

Competitors cross the finish line in the Dukhan Road Race.

Doha: Perfect conditions encouraged courageous movements on the part of the cyclists participating in the Dukhan North Road Race of the Qatar Cycling Federation.

Ahmed Al Bordainy (Team Doha Cycling) attacked with a pistol and, finding no one willing to join him, continued on his own. His advantage increased to almost a minute on the hilly part of the course. However, 98km is a long way to go solo and his chances of success were low. So it’s proven. When the peloton caught the wind behind them, Al Bordainy’s advance was quickly destroyed.

A more realistic opportunity presented itself halfway through, when six emerged. This group lacked the strength of this season’s dominant rider, Bilal Al Saadi (Rasen Adventure Shop), but included his teammate and time trial specialist Fadhel Al Khater, who was often seen shooting forward until ‘so that an unassailable lead is gained. Al Khater would later have bad luck with a mechanical problem, putting him out of action.

In the final stages, Nayef Al Mesallam (Rasen Adventure Shop) attacked at the top of the first climb, only to be caught in the second, then also performed a long distance move from the top of it.

Another daring move, but one that relied on the trio of the Doha Cycling team to let him go. There was no fracture in the team. Al Messalam can be proud of his hard-fought third place, but Mouchine Rhaili won the five-man sprint ahead of Abdullah Masoomi with Abdulrahman Ghanem celebrating the Doha Cycling victory as he crossed the line in fifth.

Mouhcine Rhaili celebrates on the podium with the top five

Jay Shalekbriski (Al Udaid Cyclists) was today’s revelation. Although he is a regular visitor to the US air base, this was his first run in Qatar. He rebounded strongly from a fall, worked hard to fend off the breakaway advantage and was fourth.

Isobel Bushel (Team Doha Cycling) in the women’s race was another cyclist in the mood to bet, pushing her forward three kilometers from the finish.

After 48 kilometers of hectic and high-speed racing in the C Race, it was Daniela Sposi who won by two seconds in advance.

This duo would then wait 5 more minutes for Mijana Lecic (Rasen Adventure Shop) to reach the final podium.

A race

1. Mouhcine Rhaili (Doha Cycling Team), 02: 27: 48.9
2. Abdullah Masoomi (Doha Cycling team), 02: 27: 48.9
3. Nayef Al Mesallam (Rasen Adventure Shop), 02: 27: 48.9
1. Daniela Sposi (Rasen Adventure Shop), 01: 16: 53.3
2. Isobel Bushell (Team Doha Cycling), 01: 16: 55.2
3. Mirjana Lecic (Rasen Adventure Shop), 01:22:27
Race B
1. Daniel Shimanski (Doha Cycling team), 01: 53: 30.7
2. Herb Albert Curaza (Bike To Work Qatar), 01: 54: 28.9
3. João Melo (Doha Cycling Team), 01: 54: 30.6
Race C
1. Aditya Prasetyo (Rasen Adventure Store), 01: 16: 44.6
2. Muhammad Iman Hafizi bin Hasmin (Rasen Adventure), 01: 16: 44.6
3. Mohamed Alkhelaifi (Doha Cycling Team), 01: 16: 44.6
1. Cesar Calbog (Ka Gulong / Btc), 01: 19: 04.4
2. Stuart Bloor (industrial team), 01: 19: 05.5
3. Abdollah Baloch (Doha Cycling Team), 01: 19: 05.5

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