Red Notice 2 may be much better than the first movie (thanks to its setup)

Red Notice was a big hit, but Red Notice 2 can improve on the flaws of the first film now that character setup and twists are out of the way.

Red Notice 2 has the potential to improve on the first film thanks to its predecessor which eliminated character setup and twists. While reviews for red noteIt wasn’t very good, the film was a huge commercial success for Netflix, and the streaming giant seems intent on turning the heist movie into a full-fledged franchise. Deadline reported that Netflix is ​​planning to shoot two red notice back-to-back sequels, with Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds all set to return under original writer/director Rawson Marshall Thurber. Although this report has not been confirmed by Netflix, a sequel or a pair of sequels could certainly allow the filmmakers to improve on the first film.


red notice is currently Netflix’s most expensive movie ever, with the streaming titan spending over $200 million on the action-adventure. Its 364 million viewing hours within 28 days of its release also make it its most-watched film. Despite this, the film itself doesn’t live up to its huge budget or its commercial achievements, being less than the sum of its parts. Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds have great chemistry and fun together, but Gal Gadot doesn’t have much to do, and the action is bland and hampered by green screen. The plot meanwhile is cliched, being derived from countless other best films.

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While red notice was disappointing given its potential, Red Notice 2 may be a much better sequel now that the first movie has been set up. The world was established, the characters all crossed paths, and the twist-in-a-twist reveals were well and truly played out. There’s no point in trying to repeat those tired heist movie cliches and bad twists in Red Notice 2, which hopefully allows for better cohesion between the film’s main characters. While they may still bicker and joke about their globe-trotting adventures, working more effectively as a team can provide the sequel with a better foundation for a more interesting story that doesn’t worry so much about who double-crosses who.

Having all three leads together plays to the strength of the burgeoning franchise, which is its top-tier cast. Johnson’s John Hartley and Reynolds’ Nolan Booth were clearly the main characters in the first film, but working as a trio can also give Gal Gadot’s Sarah Black/The Bishop a lot more to do. Her uneven screen time compared to her male co-stars in red notice was a missed opportunity, and that she be more closely involved in Red Notice 2 could offer some much-needed character development.

red notice was trying (and failing) to be The Rock’s version of IndianaJones, relying heavily on the proven steering formula. For the sequel to be better than the original, it needs to look at what makes Indy movies so beloved and focus on the character rather than another plot full of twists and turns. Audiences are much more likely to embrace a film with well-developed characters they love rather than the credits offered the first time around. When and if Red Notice 2 becomes a reality, hopefully the filmmakers have learned from the first film’s creative failures and produced a much better sequel.

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