Our Favorite Free eBook Management Software Picks

Caliber eBook Management

The main purpose of every E Ink tablet is to serve as an e-book viewer. Most of us eReader users have accumulated varying numbers of eBooks on our computers, ready to be exported to our beloved reading devices. My personal library is huge, hence the need for an e-book management tool. If you’re an e-book collector like me, chances are you’re in desperate need of similar software.

Those with money to spend will easily find great options on the internet. The problem comes when you need a free electronic book management software. Luckily for you, there are three spectacular options. My favorite is the first, and I’m not alone in my bias. I have been an active member of many online community forums and blogs focused on eBooks for over a decade. Most of my peers have almost always preferred it over the years. Enough joking though, let’s dive straight into our top pick, which – if you haven’t guessed it already – is Calibre, of course.


Caliber on the desktop

Caliber is the undisputed champion of free e-book management software. It even gives a hard time to paid software like Alfa eBooks Manager. You can neatly compile and organize all your eBook files, retrieve metadata and covers from the Internet, create backups, and find complete information about your books in one place. There are useful search functions, tags, and identifiers that make it easier to sort through eBooks.

Caliber negates the need for a separate conversion tool because you can convert the file format within the program. Once your library is set up and you have fixed the metadata for all your books, you can also export them. Files can be exported directly to e-readers such as Kindle and Kobo devices. Alternatively, you can also share eBooks via email directly through Calibre.

Of course, there are also other basic functions such as viewing e-books of many different formats. You can download magazines and news from the web. There really isn’t much you can’t do with this software. You can download Caliber for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS here.


BiblioteQ on computer

It’s incredibly hard to find reliable, safe software that’s free and does everything Caliber can do. BiblioteQ is a neat computer program that lets you add your e-book collection to one place. You can then fix individual file data or bulk edits. It will grab book covers and other information from the internet, just like Caliber.

BiblioteQ allows you to catalog your digital library and print them if you wish. You can import and export eBook data in CSV format. This makes it extremely convenient for professionals who work in libraries or schools. Since it is open-source, you can also freely share the software with your friends and family.

It has versatile search features and you can even retrieve price information for your books. What you don’t get here is the added functionality of transferring your files to external sources like e-readers. BiblioteQ is available for Windows and you can download it for free here.

data crow

Data Crow on computer

Data Crow is another cataloging software that works wonders for managing e-book collections. Its use is not strictly limited to e-books though, you can also use it for other forms of digital media such as videos and music. Data Crow started as a personal project by its creator Robert Jan Van Der Waals. He was kind enough to realize its potential and made it free for everyone.

You can use Data Crow to retrieve author information, summaries, covers, and other typical information about your books. The sorting and management options in Data Crow are very comprehensive. There is a learning curve to the tool, so you won’t be able to use it to its full potential right off the bat. Take the time to learn how to install the modules and catalog your files and the results will be rewarding.

If you get Data Crow for your eBook management needs, you can start with Beginner Mode enabled. Once you master all of its abilities, tools, and functions, you can go ahead and activate the advanced mode. Data Crow can be downloaded for Windows and other operating systems here.

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