NFL Week 6 Notes: Jaguars get “A” to end historic losing streak, Chargers get “F” in burst loss


The Jaguars can’t win when they play in America, but they have no problem winning games in other countries. In one of the craziest games of Week 6, the Jags claimed their first win of the season by going to London and beating the Dolphins 23-20.

The victory over Miami gave Urban Meyer the first victory of his Jaguars coaching career and ended Jacksonville’s 20-game losing streak, which was the second longest in league history.

The NFL may have sent two bad teams to England, but London fans were treated to some great drama in a game that was only decided in the final.

For the Jaguars, Trevor Lawrence seems to be improving every week and he arguably played his best game of the year in London. Not only did the top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft total 319 yards and one touchdown, he also came back in the fourth quarter when the Jaguars needed him most.

With the Dolphins leading 20-17 and with less than five minutes remaining, the Jaguars faced a third and -8 on their own 39. If they hadn’t converted, they probably would have ended up. punt, but they didn’t. have to make this decision because Lawrence and Marvin Jones did this:

This catch helped set up a 54-yard field goal by Matthew Wright who tied the game at 20 (the kick added even more drama as it looked like he was going to miss before bending over. can see this kick by clicking here).

On the Miami possession that followed, the Jaguars defense pulled off a huge stoppage from the Dolphins on a fourth-and-one play, which gave the ball back to Jacksonville, paving the way for more magic from Lawrence.

The first two games of possession weren’t so magical: the Jags lost 5 yards on a false start penalty and then were sacked on the next play.

With Jacksonville now facing a third and 20 single-handedly 44 and only 20 SECONDS to play, Lawrence hit Laviska Shenault Jr. for a 12-yard gain. At this point, the Jags faced a fourth and eight from Miami’s 44-yard line with five seconds left. Since there only seemed to be enough time for one play, the Dolphins were expecting a Hail Mary, but instead Lawrence hit Shenault in the middle for a 9-yard gain on the 36-yard line. from Miami.

The Jags then called for a time out with a second to go, which saw Wright win the game at 53 yards.

The Jaguars might be 1-5 and their coach might have caused a distraction or two this offseason, but it’s pretty clear this team hasn’t given up on Meyer. The Jaguars aren’t currently one of the best teams in the NFL – or even in the mid-tier of teams – but with Lawrence under center, they certainly have the groundwork to eventually join the NFL’s upper echelon if they do. can properly build around it. . Of course, these are the Jaguars we’re talking about, so that’s a big “if”.

Alright, let’s go to the ratings for each game in Week 6. If you’re looking for a deeper dive into Tampa Bay’s 28-22 win over the Eagles that came on Thursday, be sure to click here.

Jacksonville 23-20 vs. Miami (London)

Cincinnati 34-11 vs. Detroit

Indianapolis 31-3 vs. Houston

LA Rams 38-11 vs. NY Giants

Minnesota 34-28 (OT) vs. Carolina

Kansas City 31-13 vs. Washington

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Green Bay 24-14 vs. Chicago

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Baltimore 34-6 vs. LA Chargers

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Arizona 37-14 vs. Cleveland

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Dallas 35-29 (OT) v New England

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