Men’s swimming and diving take five wins over Miami


MUNCIE, Ind. – – The first double-competition test of the 2021-22 season for Ball State’s men’s swimming and diving program was not easy Thursday night at the Lewellen Aquatic Center, as the Cardinals battled the defending champion of mid-American Miami.

Going against the best schedule in the league didn’t deter BSU’s student-athletes, however, as they had several solid performances and won five of the 16 events in total.

“I think everyone was excited to run in Miami,” head coach J. Agnew said after the meeting. “We know we are gaining ground, we know we are improving. We wanted to compare ourselves to the best in the conference and we did it today. We were hungry, we were fighting, we were scratching, we were scratching, and we ran hard today which was great. “

The first event victory came from the second Joey garberick when he won first place in the 100m breaststroke with a time of 56.67. The reigning MAC individual champion in the event, Garberick won by 1.17.

Garberick nearly completed the breaststroke sweep, finishing second in the 200 in 2: 06.17, just 0.17 behind the winner.

In the freestyle sprints it was junior Owen Chaye who put in a strong performance, winning the 50 freestyle in 21.13 while finishing second in the 100 freestyle in 47.23. His 100 free time was only 0.22 behind the winner.

Ball State’s final victory in the pool came in the 100 butterfly, with the juniors Bryce shoe pointing to 50.39. The time was 1.20 ahead of second place.

“We talked about it before this competition that we can win these races,” Agnew said. “Our guys came here thinking they could win races and help move this program forward. To have three different guys pick places and take wins, I think that says a lot about how far this has come. team, not just as individuals but as a team. “

As impressive as the Cardinals were in the pool on Thursday night, they were just plain strong in the plunge. In fact, junior Wyatt blake achieved an NCAA Zone Diving qualifying score on the 1m panel, winning the event with a score of 320.10. Senior Hunter Ongay also claimed his first event victory of the season, taking first place in the 3m springboard with a score of 303.83.

“Our divers have been fantastic,” said Agnew. “It’s a pretty motivated group. Wyatt has been on fire this season and I think it really started with a new commitment this summer to being the best it can be. We just saw him pay dividends week after week. For him. to get an area cut tonight we’re so excited for him. Hunter does a fantastic job. For him to recover with just a few days of training after an injury and to dive as well as he did, that just speaks to the professional approach he takes in his job.

While the Cardinals ended up losing the game 185-113, it was a 40-point improvement over last season’s showdown the RedHawks won by a score of 219-73 on March 6.

The Ball State swimmers will have a quick turnaround, as the team travels to eastern Illinois for a 5 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. CT showdown with the Panthers tomorrow. The women’s team will also be in action for their first of consecutive meetings.

“I think tomorrow will be a stress test for our team,” Agnew concluded. “We had a great meet tonight, they were excited and amplified, and we’re going to come home, get some sleep, take a four hour bus ride and show up for the race. It’s generally very competitive. meet Eastern Illinois and I know we’re really excited about this challenge, we’re talking about running anyone, anywhere, anytime, and these guys will be ready to run.

Following Friday’s meet, the women’s team will host Ohio for an 11 a.m. competition at the Lewellen Aquatic Center. As a reminder to fans, per updated CDC guidelines, all Ball State spectators must wear a mask inside any college building. This includes the compulsory swimming and scuba diving events held inside the Lewellen Aquatic Center.
Ball State Individual Results vs Miami
200 medley relay
2nd – Ethan Pheifer, Joey garberick, Bryce shoe, Owen Chaye (1: 33.59)
5th – Sam jennings, Michael burns, Duncan McLarty, Patrick Blanc (1: 37.05)
6th – Reece manning, Noah Berryman, Michael mitsynskyy, Erkan Ozgen (1: 39.49)

1000 free
3rd – Zach Zishka (10: 02.84)
5th – Max Kruglov (10: 10.74)
6th – Alexandre eddy (10: 22.48)

200 free
2nd – Landyn riester (1: 44.56)
3rd – Ryan shorts (1: 44.64)
5th – Aiden Maurer (1: 45.32)

100 Return
3rd – Ethan Pheifer (53.43)
4th – Reece manning (54.50)
5th – Sam jennings (55.20)

100 chest
1st – Joey garberick (56.67)
3rd – Michael burns (59.74)
6th – Noah Berryman (1: 02.88)

200 flies
3rd – Bryce shoe (1: 55.99)
4th – Michael mitsynskyy (1: 56.58)
5th – Bennet Witteveen (2: 01.73)

50 free
1st – Owen Chaye (21.13)
5th – Jack Wolfred (21.60)
6th – Patrick Blanc (21.70)

100 free
2nd – Owen Chaye (47.23)
4th – Duncan McLarty (48.24)
5th – Patrick Blanc (48.38)

200 Return
3rd – Max Kruglov (1: 56.44)
5th – Sam jennings (2: 00.82)
6th – Ethan Pheifer (2: 05.17)

200 chest
2nd – Joey garberick (2: 06.17)
4th – Michael burns (2: 14.49)
6th – Noah Berryman (2: 19.23)

500 free
3rd – Ryan shorts (4: 53.32)
4th – Zechariah Moody (4: 56.25)
6th – Aiden Maurer (5: 01.42)

100 flies
1st – Bryce shoe (50.39)
5th – Landyn riester (52.83)
6th – Michael mitsynskyy (54.00)

200 MI
3rd – Max Kruglov (2: 00.84)
4th – Zach Zishka (2: 01.45)
6th – Michael burns (2: 05.27)

400 free relay
3rd – Patrick Blanc, Joey garberick, Ryan shorts, Owen Chaye (3: 10.12)
4th – Ethan Pheifer, Aiden Maurer, Michael mitsynskyy, Bryce shoe (3: 15.07)
6th – Alexandre eddy, Erkan Ozgen, Reece manning, Dillon freiberger (3: 22.69)

Dive at 1 meter
1st – Wyatt blake (320.10)
2nd – Hunter Ongay (280.95)

3 meter dive
1st – Hunter Ongay (303.83)
2nd – Wyatt blake (301.05)

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