Maya McVey of Blue Springs South repeats her reign

When Maya McVey was named the Examiner’s 2020 female golfer of the year, the second student at the time was stunned.

“I was so surprised I really couldn’t believe it,” McVey said. “One of the reasons I was so surprised was that I didn’t even know there was such an honor.

“I was just focusing on having a good second season and then I was told I won the award and I was like, ‘That’s good. I didn’t even know there was a golfer award. of the year.'”

Now she’s doing it, and the Blue Springs South High School junior has said winning East Jackson County’s top golfer this year is even more special.

“Now that I know it,” she said with a quick chuckle, “it’s special and it’s important for me to earn it two years in a row. And now that I’ve won it two years. right now, I want to win next year, I want to keep the title.

“Now this is something I can work for and be proud of. This year is very different from last year. Thank you for the award.”

McVey had another outstanding season, earning a second straight Class 4 All-State honor.

She shot a 78 in the final round of the Missouri State High School Class 4 Girls’ Golf Championships at the Rivercut Par 72 Golf Course in Springfield. Paired with her first round 76, McVey finished tied for eighth with 154 strokes, 11 strokes behind individual champion Bailey Burkett of Liberty North.

McVey finished tied for 10th last year in the rain-shortened state tournament. The top 15 finishers and ties win an all-state medal.

She shot a 75 over par to finish second in the District 4 Class 4 tournament at Hodge Park Golf Course to earn her third straight place at the State Championships.

And she let Eastern Jackson County know early on she was at the top of her game when the Jaguars star shot a 71 under par to lead the Jaguars to the Independence Invitational tag team title at Drumm Farm Golf. Club by 72..

“Maya has been absolutely phenomenal this season,” said South coach Logan Moresi, “which is very exciting to see all of her hard work pay off.

“I’m so thrilled to see her win this honor because she is 100% dedicated to the game and has a work ethic that you don’t often see when working with high school athletes.

“Winning it for the second year in a row shows how special she is. She is a wonderful young woman and a unique golfer.

“She’s got the type of personality and athleticism that can’t be trained.”

Not only does she aim to win the award for the third time next fall, but she has even higher aspirations.

McVey said she had been playing golf since she was young.

“But my first competitive golf was my freshman year in high school,” McVey said. “I played other sports like softball and swimming, but golf is my sport now and I want to work hard to reach the top level.

“If it’s college, that’s great. I’m going to do a few visits soon. And if it’s the LPGA, well, we’ll see what happens.

“No matter what, I will continue to work hard, polish my game, work on my short game, put in and do all I can to be the best golfer I can be.”

Women’s golf all zones 2021


• Harrison Clemmons, sr., Lee’s Summit North – Tied for 58th place in the state of class 4 (93-93-186); tie for 8th class 4 district 3 (91); tied for 10th place at Suburban Big Eight Championships (87).

• Mallory Crane, fresh., Grain Valley – Tied for 28th in the state of class 3 (99-89-188); 5th in class 3 of district 4 (89); Suburban Middle Six medalist (88).

• Hannah Keisker, jr., Lee’s Summit North – Tied for 30th place in the state of class 4 (86-86-172); 11th in class 4 of district 3 (94); Tied 25th at Suburban Big Eight Championships (97).

• Julianna Marshall, sr., Blue Springs – Tied for 43rd place in the state of class 4 (92-86-178); Tied for 17th in class 4 of district 4 (90); Tied 13th at Suburban Big Eight Championships (90).

• Maya McVey, jr., Blue Springs South – Class 4 in all states, tied for 8th in state class 4 (76-78-154); Vice-champion of class 4 of district 4 (75); 4th at Suburban Big Eight Championships (80); Independence Invitational medalist (71); Lady Jaguar Invitational finalist (76); 3rd at the Blue Springs Wildcat Invitational (77); Examiner Golf of the Year 2020 and 2021.

• Zoe McVey, Fresh., Blue Springs South – Tied for 56th place in the state of class 4 (92-92-184); 16th in class 4 of district 4 (89); Tied 10th at Suburban Big Eight Championships (90).


Blue sources: Lauren Mack, jr .; Blue Springs South: Dilynn Jones, sr .; Lily Taylor, sr .; Cereal Valley: Charlsie Dressen, sr .; Seena Tyler, soph .; Lee’s Summit North: Paige Bruce, sr .; Saint Michael the Catholic Archangel: Avery Basler, soph .; Addilyn Betts, father; Anna Coke, sr .; Caitlin Garlick, jr. ; Zoe O’Connor, jr. ; Truman: Cate Maxey, jr .; Emmy Yanez, jr.

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