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matt rogers came to little golden men ready to podcast. “My installation was already in place, in fact, since this morning,” he admits. A co-host of the incredibly popular iHeartRadio Bodybuilders podcast with a close friend and Saturday Night Live cast member Bowen Yang, Rogers, which arrived with its own microphone already installed, now deploys its talents on several types of screens. On Showtime, he currently plays on vanessa bayerthe new series, I like it for you. Rogers plays Darcy Leeds, a senior associate – not an assistant – to the CEO of SVN, a QVC-style home shopping network. “The thing about retail therapy and why it works is that it helps us feel like we’re filling a hole, you know what I mean?” Roger tells little golden men about QVC culture. “It helps us feel that we are accomplishing something. Even just getting something in the mail, especially in times like the pandemic, sometimes that was all I was looking forward to.

These days, Rogers has a lot more to look forward to. In addition to his stage turn as Darcy Leeds, Rogers stars as Luke in Searchlight’s upcoming film Comedy inspired by Pride and Prejudice, fire island, which hits Hulu on June 3. Written by and featuring Rogers’ close friend Joel Kim Booster and also starring Yang, the film represents an emotional milestone for Rogers, who began his career “screaming in New York City basements,” he says. “Going through the New York comedy community is a real badge of honor for me,” Rogers says fondly, checking the names of other hot comedians like Yang, Booster, Patti Harrison, and Catherine Cohen. “So to see these people come into the entertainment industry and now be movers and shakers, it’s so great to be involved in this.”

The comedian sat down with vanity lounge talk about I like it for you fire island, and what might happen if its two characters were to meet.


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I want to dive in and talk about your fantastic new show on Showtime, I like it for you created by Vanessa Bayer. Featuring Vanessa Bayer, featuring a few casual people. Vanessa Bayer, Molly Shannon, Jenifer Lewis and yourself. Diving into that experience and sharing the screen with those kind of legends, what was it like?

Well, you have to imagine you’re me, and you walk into a room and it’s Vanessa Bayer, Molly Shannon, Jenifer Lewis, and then you’re also expected to be there and play, and it’s is somehow outside the body. I mean really. You couldn’t choose more formative people for me. I mean, not in a weird way where it’s… It wasn’t entertaining. It was actually more, okay, it’s actually… I’m here, let’s get to their level. But it’s tough when they shoot such 10s. And I mean, this show really gives them all the opportunity to really go for it. It’s of course a great showcase for Vanessa, but what happens with the characters of Jenifer and Molly is so… It’s very demanding. And I spoke with Jenifer recently, and she was like, “I thought I had signed on to do this little comedy and then it took so much of me.” I think we’re all very excited and kind of emotional for people to see it because it’s a very special show with, like you said, amazing people. I mean, Molly, Jenifer and Vanessa are here. I mean, this triumvirate, how do you improve it? You can not.

I guess we should talk about what the show is about, because it’s funny, but there’s also kind of a dark emotional center with Vanessa Bayer’s character, Joanna Gold. She had childhood leukemia and defeats it, then becomes a QVC type host on a channel called SVN. And to keep her job, she says her cancer has returned. It’s in the pilot episode, and it immediately sets the tone. It’s hilarious, but it’s also definitely dark.

No, I mean, it’s a Showtime comedy, and Showtime comedies, they, in quotes, “have elbows,” so to speak, so it’s definitely a show that asks you to opt in to… It explores really the human psyche. Basically the fun way to throw it is that it’s basically The devil wears Prada but defined on the home shopping network. And yes, I can be the Emily Blunt, which is sort of a gay man’s dream. To say you’re Emily Blunt’s type in anything is really huge.

Basically, we find the character of Vanessa at a time in her life when she feels capable of so many things but does nothing with her life. And she feels that this thing from her childhood, that she survived cancer, is holding her back because she’s being pampered by her parents; she has no relationship; his friendships are superficial at best. And by chance and talent, she landed the job. And when she discovers that it’s a very fierce atmosphere, the Special Value Network, it’s nice… That’s it.

It’s pretty cutthroat.

I think what the show explores is how deep we’re willing to go to pretend to keep a facade that will make us happy. It really explores what we project to others in relation to reality. Because I think we all know what it’s like to be one thing but show something else. How to make yourself more marketable to people. How to make yourself more palatable—

It’s Instagram. It’s social media. I mean, it’s so crazy.

That’s what makes it a great show for now, because I think on paper, Joanna Gold is doing something that if you read about it, you’d be like, put her in jail, but I think that this explores the reality of what happens when someone…feels they have no other choice. And it also really examines our society today. We as consumers accept so much of what we are told, and know so little about what is really going on. I really like being on a show that… Like we said before, it’s really funny, and it’s a tough comedy first and foremost.

Matt Rogers in I like it for you

By Nicole Wilder/SHOWTIME.

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