Markley, Borrego and Atlas Retail Energy close community solar PPA


World-Class Data Center Reinforces Commitment to Sustainability and Renewable Energy

Markley Group, a leading provider of mission-critical data center facilities, cloud computing and network services, announced this month that it has entered into an advised community solar power purchase (PPA) agreement through Atlas Energy Retailwith Borrego, a leading developer, EPC and O&M supplier for large-scale renewable energy projects in the United States. Through this PPA, Markley will purchase half of the 80 megawatt (MW) electricity from community solar projects in Eversource’s utility territory developed by Borrego. The agreement underscores Markley’s commitment to prioritizing green initiatives and renewable energy projects.

“As with most forms of technology and infrastructure, data centers must constantly evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses and, just as importantly, the environment,” said Jeffrey Flanagan, executive vice president, Markley Group. “At Markley, we are constantly evaluating how we can minimize our impact on the environment in order to better serve our customers. Our partnership with Borrego allows us to offset our electricity consumption from 10 solar projects and further support the development of solar energy in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The agreement is part of the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program, which is designed to create a long-term sustainable solar incentive program that promotes profitable solar development in the Commonwealth.

“Data centers are big energy consumers, but often don’t have space on-site for a large enough solar system to offset their consumption. Markley’s ability to reduce energy costs and boost sustainability efforts through community solar power is a relatively new approach,” said Jared Connell, vice president of development for Borrego, New England. “These projects will help accelerate the growth of solar energy in Massachusetts, while demonstrating the value of renewable energy to the technology sector in creative ways.”

“While finding options for sourcing clean energy may initially seem confusing or expensive, examples like Markley’s can help other companies understand how to optimize their energy planning with sustainable solutions,” said Steve Roberson, president of Atlas Retail Energy (ARE), Markley’s energy consulting firm since 2016.

“Given the scale of Markley’s energy needs, there was a high level of complexity in identifying a solution in the market that aligned with their business goals and future growth mandates,” Roberson added. “ARE’s deep relationships within the renewable space have allowed this project to come to fruition seamlessly. We are extremely pleased to bring New England’s first data center with a proven market leader, Borrego, to realize this investment in solar initiatives in the Commonwealth.

As New England’s largest and oldest mission-critical telecommunications and data center facilities, Markley has a proven track record of unmatched performance and reliability.


About Atlas Retail Energy

Atlas Energy Retail is a Boston-based advisor that provides commercial and industrial clients with customized energy solutions and renewable alternatives in deregulated US markets. As a fully integrated boutique company, Atlas leverages wholesale market intelligence to create and implement customized solutions for energy end-users and provides users with complete transparency into the wholesale markets of energy. For more information, visit Atlas Energy Retail.

About the Markley Group

Markley Group is a leading provider of mission-critical data center facilities and cloud computing services. Fortune 1000 companies, leading global consumer brands, and the world’s most advanced research companies trust the company to deliver high availability, consistent performance, and unparalleled customer service. To learn more about Markley, please visit

About Borrego

Borrego, a leading developer, EPC, and O&M provider, is accelerating the delivery of large commercial, community solar, and utility-scale energy storage projects in the United States. Borrego offers a wide range of renewable energy services and has a proven track record of superior performance in the hundreds of major solar and energy storage projects it has designed, built and serviced across the United States. Founded in 1980, it has regional offices in California, Massachusetts and New York with a national footprint. Borrego creates value by helping partners make better decisions at critical moments in the life of each project. Its team brings deep technical expertise to its mission to solve the world’s energy problems. For more information, visit

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