Marc Aurel Consulting launches a unique business psychology program

Designed for entrepreneurs to eliminate stress, worries, fears and other negative emotions

Marc Aurel, the founder of Marc Aurel Consulting has spent more than 10 years researching and personally studying the psychology of performance. Over the years, he’s discovered a few key, yet overlooked, aspects that most business owners overlook when trying to eliminate negative emotions like stress and worry. He has used these key aspects not only in his own life, but also to help thousands of business owners eliminate stress, worry, low energy, fears and other negative emotions.

Now he has combined these discoveries in his new program called “Mind Mastery”.

This is a program designed to dive into the unconscious mind of the business owner and “heal” any sort of past trauma and triggers that are causing the negative behavior that needs to be eliminated.

Mr. Aurel proves that every personal problem (which he says inevitably turns into a business problem) can be inferred from a single moment in the past when that behavior was created. The goal of the “Mind Mastery” program according to Mr. Aurel is then to find that precise moment in time when the negative behavior, emotion, fear or thought was created and to eliminate the trigger that causes the unwanted behavior. .

For example: if a business owner is struggling to make tough decisions, like firing an underperforming employee. This can be attributed to a negative experience in the past. If the business owner tried to change this behavior by willpower alone, he would continually fight himself and make suboptimal decisions that would cost him a lot of revenue in the long run.

This “mind control” system offers a unique method for changing habits and behaviors because it requires no direct will or continuous effort to avoid the behavior. The only will and discipline that must be exercised concern the exercises that Mr. Aurel and his team have their students perform.

Mr. Aurel and his team are said to have a 99% success rate with students implementing the material. Could this unique method be the cure for business owner stress? We are curious and follow closely the new publications of Mr. Aurel and his team.
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About Marc Aurel:

Marc Aurel is the Founder and CEO of Marc Aurel Consulting, a business psychology firm that aims to help business owners, executives and managers be more efficient and cope with the daily stresses of business.

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