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Infinitum, a new resort town on the edge of the Spanish Mediterranean coast, is one of Europe’s most anticipated living and leisure experiences. Boasting a number of top-notch facilities and services, the resort is unlike any other in Europe, presenting an unforgettable experience and a lifestyle to aspire to.

Formerly known as Lumine, the resort presents an exceptional combination of world-class golf, modern fine dining, off-course activities and a contemporary beach club with state-of-the-art facilities including seven swimming pools, a bar tapas and one of the most recognized restaurants on the Costa Daurada.

Home to three exceptional golf courses, each with its own unique design and configuration, its award-winning facilities are currently named “Best Golf Hall in Europe” by the World Golf Awards and host the final qualifying phase of the European Tour, offering indisputable conditions, through its rolling fairways and rolling greens. Each course, uniquely defined by natural and man-made hazards, presents a different challenge for all levels of golfer, combining to provide a golf experience like no other in Europe.

Unparalleled golfing experience

Raised tees, uniquely positioned with panoramic sea views, define Hills as one of the best golf courses in Spain, as well as the ideal partner of the lakes; located in the middle of the natural landscape, interwoven with the regions interconnecting the lake system and the plantations, a unique experience for any golfer.

The experience is completed by the Ruins course, currently nominated for the best 9-hole golf course in the world (World Golf Awards). Winding between historical archaeological remains dating from the 2nd century BC.

Two ultramodern pavilions, each with a unique architecture, exemplify the breathtaking views of the region, offering exceptional service to meet all requirements before and after the tour. Modern practice facilities surround each clubhouse, each impeccably presented with standard golf balls.

Nestled in the midst of natural landscapes and surrounded by pine trees, the Infinitum Beach Club is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Presenting an experience with panoramic views of the Mediterranean, it is the perfect environment to relax and spend an hour or a day. A selection of seven swimming pools; Flamma Beach Foodhouse, Infinitum’s ultimate dining experience, and Gusto, serving Mediterranean tapas, are all within walking distance.

Infinitum presents fine dining, an authentic experience, with four new high-end gastronomic offerings to choose from: Flamma, Gusto, The Lakehouse Bistrot and Terra (opening in the fall) – all offering a relaxed environment with expertly fresh and local produce. prepared by the chef of the resort Adrià Cofrades.

Flamma, a pinch of the Mediterranean, offers informal dishes, with fresh, local produce at the heart of each dish. Its sophisticated menu, highlighted by grilled fish and meat, is complemented by a range of local wines and drinks. Gusto, the home of local tapas, showcases the environment, views and flavors of the Mediterranean that are the epitome of the Mediterranean coastline. The Lakehouse Bistrot is the perfect setting for golfers and non-golfers alike to enjoy healthy, traditional dishes overlooking the golf courses from a panoramic terrace, while Terra, a brand new gourmet boutique, open in the fall, will exhibit a selection of local products, quality products, freshly picked and prepared.


Sustainable luxury resort

Offering direct access to the beach with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by pine forests and olive groves, Infinitum is located among one of the most important ecosystems in the region: the Sequia Major, an area wetland made of reeds, poplars, and willows, winding around the lakes, home to one of Catalonia’s best-preserved populations of European galapagos and fartetfish.

Infinitum is one of the most sustainable golf resorts in Europe, going beyond the protection of nature and its surroundings. The resort is committed to leading the way in sustainable practices for golf clubs in Europe, with a host of accolades and accolades, including its GEO certification. While the resort has created a ‘green first’ strategy, the Lacs Golf Course is recognized for its conservation work as a certified sanctuary of Golf Audubon International Signature, featuring olive tree footage, blueprints, natural water, historic ruins and protected species. all of which is an integral part of the resort’s unique experience.

Located just 10 minutes from Tarragona, a place of serenity and history, the complex offers endless experiences through centuries of protected landscapes and cultural destinations. Disconnect and explore endless historical monuments and stories of ancient civilizations.

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