Lincoln Scholars Program Prepares 3 Siblings For Success

December 13, 2021

the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics awards scholarships to students participating in the Lincoln Fellows, a program that engages students in ethical discussions and activities with faculty and community members. Current Lincoln Scholar Jordan Fakhoury was inspired to join the program by his two sisters, Nadeen Fakhoury and Sarah Moqattash, who are former Lincoln Scholars. In a recent interview with Lincoln Center, academics shared their experiences at Arizona State University and the Lincoln Scholars program:

Nadeen Fakhoury, senior, supply chain management specialization, WP Carey School of Business
Sarah Moqattash, ASU Alumnus, Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Lincoln Scholar siblings (left to right) Nadeen Fakhoury, Jordan Fakhoury and Sarah Moqattash.
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Question: What inspired you to join the Lincoln Scholars program?

Nadeen: I was very intrigued by the Lincoln Scholar Program’s commitment to the inclusion of students of diverse cultures, ages and professional backgrounds. I also liked that this was a program where open discussion and collaborative problem solving was encouraged.

Sarah: I heard about Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics from my former professor of biomedical engineering Dr Stephen Helms Tillery. During my second year, I took a course in bioethics which allowed me to initiate myself into group discussions on difficult topics of debate in the medical field. This course piqued my curiosity, and that’s when I discovered the Lincoln Scholars program. I wanted to immerse myself in a safe space where all participants were free to discuss controversial issues and learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives.

Q: How was your experience in the Lincoln Scholars program?

Nadeen: I had a wonderful experience being part of the Lincoln Scholars program. I looked forward to every class discussion where I learned so much from my teacher Sean kenney as well as my peers. I was in a class with around 10-15 students, where we cover a wide range of ages, backgrounds, work and personal life experiences. I was in the Lincoln Scholars Program during my freshman year at Arizona State University, and now, as a senior, I will never forget the discussions we had in class. I have learned so much about different perspectives on real life social and economic issues. I learned the importance of researching the problem to be solved and the essential role of empathetic collaboration in finding solutions.

Sarah: My experience as a Lincoln Scholar has been very intriguing and refreshing. Each session was on a diverse topic and each presenter was an experienced professional on the topic. I was happy to see that the subjects discussed were far from simple; instead, they were highly relevant to current socio-political and economic climates. Each presenter trained the academics on a topic, and in the end, the academics were able to discuss and learn from each other. Sean Kenney was extremely adept at leading the discussions with stimulating questions and points. The academic-led presentations at the end of the semester were a highlight of the program and allowed academics to delve into a topic they were passionate about.

Q: What have you been doing since you graduated from the program?

Nadeen: When I was in the Lincoln Scholars Program I was just graduating from high school, still learning the ropes of college, and discovering more and more about myself. Today, three years later, I am happy to share that I have become the woman I want to be. On the education side, I found my passion in supply chain management. In September, I attended the CSCMP Edge 2021 Conference and Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia where I had the opportunity to network with exceptional professionals, learn about the most competitive industries, and grow my professional portfolio. I have also found an interest in keeping a journal of my thoughts, dreams and ambitions. I love meeting people from all over the world and discovering new favorite dishes while sharing personal stories with new friends. I am truly grateful for my experience as a Lincoln Scholar and will never forget the impact it had on me throughout my time here at Arizona State University.

Sarah: Since graduating from the Lincoln Scholars Program, I have conducted research on Alzheimer’s disease at Sun Health Research Institute banner. The aim of the study was to validate a new approach for screening elderly people for mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. After completing the research project, I was selected to present at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Chicago. After my research experience, I got married and moved to California. I decided to explore the field of dentistry because of the speed with which its devices and technologies are evolving. It is a fast growing industry, and there are a lot of professional growth opportunities in it.

Jordan Fakhoury, freshman, major in medical studies, College of Health Solutions

Q: How did your siblings motivate you to join the Lincoln Scholars?

Jordan: My siblings introduced me to this scholarship program because they know that I aspire to be a doctor and this program will greatly help me explore community service through hands-on learning. When I become a doctor, one of my professional goals is to open a facility where low-income communities can access health services at little or no cost. Since my siblings understood my personal and professional goals, they strongly recommended that I apply for the Lincoln Scholars program. So far I’m really grateful that they introduced me to it because I like it very much.

Q: Are you involved in other student organizations?

Jordan: Right now, during my first semester, my main focus is on my studies, but I always keep an open mind to join clubs. After my first year, I would like to join PIN UP, Student Health Outreach for Wellness club, as some of their business is making health kits for the homeless community in Arizona.

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