Kitagawa Marin’s MBTI and what he says about her

Kitagawa Marin is a whimsical and creative young woman who loves cosplay, and her MBTI personality type says a lot about her.

My darling dressing is a surprise hit shojo-style seinen anime series in the winter 2022 anime lineup, and it’s about the wonderful world of cosplay and college students who want to dress up as their favorite characters. The lowly male protagonist is Gojo Wakana, who loves dolls, and his life changed forever when he met the cheerful Kitagawa Marin.

Marin, unlike Gojo, is an outgoing and confident young woman who knows what she likes, but lacks the skills to back it up. She needs Gojo’s help to make the best of it Slippery Girls 2 cosplay ever, and soon enough, this partnership turned into a wonderful friendship, with the gung-ho Marin leading the way. And she has an MBTI personality type that matches her.

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Kitagawa Marin MBTI Personality Type: ESFP-A, The Artist

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Kitagawa Marin’s whimsical and carefree personality clearly marks her as the Entertainer personality type, with code ESFP-A – an assertive and confident version of Extroverted Observing Feeling Perceiving, making her a lively combination. Artists like Marin are the complete opposite of the INTJ Architect or ISTJ Logistician types, as they tend to live in the moment and find joy in the immediate world around them rather than planning for the future. This doesn’t mean that ESFPs never think about the future at all, but overall their attitude is, “What will be, will be. Now let’s celebrate!”

Artists can be described as hedonists and social butterflies who are captivated by the world around them and the people who live in it, and they are not overly concerned with subtle patterns, future plans, strict rules or other restrictive ideas. Artists are all about the here and now, and while they seek pleasure wherever they can find it, artists are by no means selfish. ESFP artists are people-oriented and care deeply about the happiness of those around them, and a compassionate ESFP knows that no one can have fun until everyone is having fun. When it’s time to party, everyone is invited.

There’s a lot to love about artists, like their bold and fearless personalities. They are not shy or cautious people – they make the most of life by trying new things and immersing themselves in new experiences, which can lead to a fulfilling life filled with memories. They are independent thinkers with original and unconventional ideas, who can inspire those around them and help lead to the next adventure.

In contrast, artists react poorly to criticism or personal attacks due to their outgoing and observant nature, and they can become miserable if someone harms them personally. ESFPs are also easily bored and agitated, which can frustrate them while annoying the people around them, and they generally don’t handle conflict well. An artist is likely to run away from the problem instead, which is rarely an appropriate solution.

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Kitagawa Marin as an artist in My Dress-Up Darling

From the start, Marin has been an animated ESFP artist who directs the plot of My darling dressing, and she has an empathetic streak that makes her much more sympathetic and gives her a surprising depth. Marin loves cosplay and wants to wow everyone with her costumes, but she won’t enjoy cosplay unless everyone is having fun too. She’s unapologetically supportive of her shy new friend Gojo, and she has a lot of words of encouragement to share with him. Marin was also happy to meet sisters Shinju and Sajuna Inui, and enthusiastically participated in cosplay photo shoots with them while sharing ideas. Marin will never hesitate to make new friends and see what kind of fun she can have with them.

As a true Entertainer, Marin is a whimsical and carefree person who composes her life as she goes along, and she always has a new idea for each day. She spontaneously invited Gojo Wakana out for shopping in a recent episode, and she thought Gojo looked great in every outfit he tried on, even though Gojo felt awkward. On a whim, she also invited Gojo to a love hotel for a cosplay session, and things got intense, to say the least.

Marin is likely to fancifully choose a new cosplay to try out with no clear motive behind it. She simply follows her heart and chooses a new cosplay to try, and it’s up to the more methodical Gojo to carefully acquire the right materials and design the perfect outfit. Gojo can never tell what Marin will think next.

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