Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving silenced Philadelphia for Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons returned to Philadelphia Thursday night for the first time since being traded for James Harden. A noisy crowd was expected and rude chants filled the air…

And then the game started.

The Nets posted a 40-point first quarter and took a 21-point halftime lead. The game was never close. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving looked unstoppable and Seth Curry scored a game-high 24 points against his former team and current stepdad. Ben Simmons has enjoyed it all from the bench in a Louis Vuitton sweater.

After the match, Kevin Durant dropped a particularly chilling line from Kevin Durant on the crowd’s silence.

It’s so simple. Beat the Sixers and beat them hard and Ben Simmons won’t have to deal with a hostile environment. Now comes the hardest part.

Simmons faced his fear of Philadelphia and his new friends made it an enjoyable experience. Now he will have to play basketball. He’s going to have to shoot basketball in front of thousands of people. Maybe in Philadelphia. Either way, it should be an adventure. But for now, he can enjoy the silence.

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