K-pop group IVE star Wonyoung’s use of insult draws mixed response from fans

Wonyoung uses slur in new video

IVE was hugely popular right from the start! The rookie girl group, known for their mystical and charming sound, immediately became a fan favorite and we can totally see why. But of course, popularity does not come without its share of downfalls.
Most important being the scrutiny that comes with it. And this time, fans or DIVE as the group likes to call their fandom were quick enough to point out a racial slur used by Wonyoung in one of the videos.

Recently, IVE released a behind-the-scenes video from their day of filming, featuring the members giving their all for their latest comeback. After I like. And of course, Wonyoung was also featured heavily, driving fans into a frenzy with her ethereal visuals.

But it was when she used the word “Es*imo” to describe herself, that fans started calling her out for the callous slur. And if you weren’t aware of the same, the word is used pejoratively towards indigenous groups.

While it’s not unusual to call out celebrities who use the N-word, this time the situation appears to be split, given that many people may not even know the word was a slur in the first place. . In any case, she used the word again and the fans are not happy.

Taking to Twitter, DIVE offered their take on the situation. Here’s what a few fans have to say about his use of the pejorative word:

While netizens may be divided, it doesn’t take away from the fact that they’ve also been actively trying to educate people, and hopefully even Wonyoung, about not using the slur.

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