Josh Gattis gets shot in Michigan after leaving to take a job in Miami

The last few weeks of rumors that there would be big changes coming to Michigan proved futile as Jim Harbaugh decided to return to school after flirting with an NFL comeback. It wasn’t a great look for Harbaugh or the school, considering his banter took place right around National Signing Day, but the coach’s decision to stay means this year’s recruiting class was not significantly affected.

It seems that the Harbaugh adventure had harmful consequences. On Sunday, reports emerged that the University of Miami had hired Josh Gattis to be their new offensive coordinator under Mario Cristobal. Gattis won the 2021 Assistant of the Year as Harbaugh’s offensive coordinator, so it’s a big loss for the Wolverines.

To make matters worse, Gattis apparently told some of his players he was leaving because the past few weeks told him Michigan didn’t value him.

Yeah. It’s never great to lose a great coordinator, let alone when they take the same job elsewhere. But Gattis is burning bridges, and that’s a pretty poor reflection of Michigan’s administration.

Gattis may be upset because his name was never brought up as a possible successor if Harbaugh left. Or maybe Harbaugh didn’t keep anyone informed of his plans, leaving Gattis and his fellow coaches in a bizarre state of limbo while he made his decision. Either way, Gattis’ problems no doubt stem from Harbaugh’s situation and how it’s been handled internally.

A big loss for Michigan that doubles as a public relations success. Not great, Bob.

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