John Wick TV series picked a surprising action star as its lead role


Starz’s John Wick Prequel Series The continental is still in the works, although it appears to be much closer to a premiere date with the casting of its first lead actor. In what some see as a surprising and perhaps polarizing choice, the action series announced that Deadly weapon and Fat man Star Mel Gibson was chosen for the action-adventure in a hotel.

Mel Gibson will play a character named Cormac, but that’s it Deadline spoke about the role of the 65-year-old actor. The continental is set in New York City in 1975 and follows a younger version of the character played by Ian McShane in the John wick films, Winston Scott. The series will recount the origin of the franchise’s Continental Hotel, which serves as a haven for assassins in New York City and plays a major role in the John wick story. The series will premiere as a special three-night television event for Starz.

The continentalThe casting of Mel Gibson might be considered controversial for some, as the actor has been accused on several occasions over the years of making anti-Semitic and racist remarks, for which the actor has since apologized for the most part. . Despite this, the actor’s disgrace has dramatically reduced his presence in Hollywood, which comes as a surprise every time he resurfaces in high-profile projects. This is especially true for The continental, because Gibson is traditionally known as an actor and film director, his main part of television taking place in Australia 40 years ago.

Although his accolades on television are few and far between, Mel Gibson’s casting is part of a trend that has seen more mainstream film actors move onto television in recent years. This is apparently more true in works based on popular film franchises, although it should be noted that Mel Gibson had no connection with John wick before his casting. Gibson remains a name closely associated with the action genre, however, so it’s not like the cast is completely out of left field.

A question about Mel Gibson’s casting might be whether his role in The continental will lead to a possible appearance in the film franchise. While the actor’s age and series setting in the mid-1970s presumably rule out the possibility of the character living out the current storyline of the films, there certainly is a possibility for Gibson’s inclusion in the movie. John wick 4 or some other project via a flashback sequence or something of that nature. Given that Gibson is an actor best known for his cinematic work, it’s undoubtedly worth speculating if that might justify choosing Cormac. We can only wait and see and wonder how the fans will react to the decision.

CinemaBlend will keep tabs on Starz for updates The continental, including information on when to finally expect it. To learn more about the franchise in the meantime, be sure to read on that appears in John wick 4, if only to see who John kills next.

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