Photo of Jeff Van Houten Parker Davenport (L) is comforted by Warsaw football defensive coordinator Kris Hueber following the Tigers’ loss in the 2019 regional.

There is a Looney Tunes cartoon episode setting Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny in a battle to dodge the wrath of cantankerous millionaire hunter Elmer Fudd as each protagonist launches “wabbit” season and duck season proclamations to avoid. what appears to be their imminent demise.

Spoiler Alert: Each ‘wascal’ dodges the literal and figurative wear bullets from Mr. Fudd’s shotgun, and the hunter gets his bounty, but he survives and advances with Bugs and Daffy to their next animated adventure.

The start of the real fall season, not the fall school sports season starting in the last full month of summer, only reminds me of a handful of protagonists and antagonists in each sport (according to which you root, I guess) will survive, progress and lift state championship material.

Fall started this week in an abrupt, windy and wet way, quickly reminding me of the “season within every school season” already underway.

It is the season of attrition.

Wait, in homage to Mr. Fudd, it’s attwition season.

Unlike the win-win… the winning outcome for Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd will occur… frequently throughout the month of October.

The Senior Night festivities, nearly all on the books so far, are a bittersweet reminder of each sports season’s swift transition to high school. Football will be the last sport to host a senior night in the next two to three weeks.

The attrition season is already upon us with the regional women’s golf game yesterday. We’ll see it continue on October 2, when one of the seven unified flag football teams competing at Fisher Field hoists a section trophy. The cross-country will begin its attwition the same weekend.

We go to football, where the boys and girls teams use tough September slates to prepare for their second season, survive and advance, one and it’s done, choose your name for it. The bloodletting October 4-9 will leave futbol fans with 48 teams remaining before returning to their regional grounds on October 13.

It is punctuated by volleyball (four survivors) and football (six survivors), the playoffs of which end in early November and Thanksgiving weekend respectively.

When I casually talk to some parents of senior soccer players about how quickly the season is ending, they naturally don’t want to be reminded.

It is a moment of joy for a few athletes and their fans, friends and families among the most memorable achievements of the season. There is pain that must accompany joy; the unwanted end for them too, especially the seniors who will never wear a uniform again in their respective sports.

It is normal, in fall sports in particular, for their end to coincide with a period of weeks when the leaves on the trees are dying, faster than we would like, but beautifully, nonetheless.

I’m still looking at a photo Jeff Van Houten took after the Warsaw Tiger soccer team’s 2019 regional loss to Merrillville, when the seniors cross a line to say goodbye to coaches and teammates. There is a picture of defensive coordinator Kris Hueber’s big hand placed on my son’s helmet in a very fatherly way. It seems no words were spoken, but the moment told their story.

I gave up asking Parker what had been said between the two of them after the third or fourth attempt, long after the end of the season. I’m glad he was captured by Van Houten’s masterful photography.

My son liked the way Coach Hueber weaves business and history into teaching and coaching, and connects business terms with the rewards and continued hard work required to improve on the performance of the game. previous.

A Nickelodeon cartoon, “The Fairy Oddparents,” had an episode where the main character, a ten-year-old boy named Timmy Turner, made his wish that every day was Christmas come true. It was a well-written episode showing how miserable and oppressive that would be, as well as the toll it would cost Santa and some of the fates of other seasonal icons like the Elves, and the Easter Bunny – for to name a few – would suffer as Christmas steamed. throughout the year.

I thought about this cartoon episode to avoid the same perils.

Did I want a replay of the days when I saw and heard my daughter sing in a selected choir and perform in plays and musicals? Would I wish I could watch selected portions of his decade of dance recitals once again?


Much like my experience as a parent of a two-sport athlete, I have walked through the camel bumps, build-up, and consequences of seasonal performance through the timeline of a child in the performing arts.

“So cartoons are the basis of conventional Chip wisdom,” you say to yourself or do you think this fall Saturday. Guilty as accused.

Enjoy the beauty of surviving and advancing your athlete as far as possible and be delighted with the possibilities that await him after the sad but necessary end of his season.

After all, it’s attwitions season, you wascals.