“I have to watch all 10 seasons”

Old Everybody loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton tweeted recently about watching episode after episode of the classic 1970s detective series, Colombo.

She pointed out, as many fans of the show know, that once she watched the pilot, she couldn’t stop.

Actor Peter Falk as Lieutenant Columbo in ‘Columbo’ | NBCU Photo Bank

Patricia Heaton watched ‘Columbo’ and loves it

The actor and author recently tweeted that she had rediscovered Colombothe wonderfully addictive 1970s detective series starring Peter Falk in the title role.

“I just made the fatal mistake of watching the #Columbo pilot on @peacockTV and now I’m scared I’ll have to watch all ten seasons…it’s like a drug…see you in a few months…” , she wrote.

The actor, who starred in his own bingeable show Everybody loves Raymond as stalked wife Debra Barone, wrote with admiration of the time distortion one gets into when watching programs from 40 or more years ago.

“What’s so cool about #columbo is of course the fabulous Peter Falk,” she continued. “I also love seeing Los Angeles in the late 60s-70s – positively primitive! And the guest stars!!! Everyone did this show!

Heaton soon received tweets from other well-known fans of the show.

Elf actor James Caan responded to Heaton’s tweet saying, “Is it possible to watch too much Columbo? (ask a friend) End of tweet”

“I did a COLUMBO deep dive a few months ago,” family guy producerDavid Zuckerman also replied. “One of TV’s most compelling and entertaining characters, and yes, a guest star chart topper. Pat Mc Goohan!! So much fun.”

The Peacock streaming service even joined in on the conversation Tweeter simply, “See you on the other side.”

Peter Falk knew ‘Columbo’ would be a hit

For his part, the inimitable actor seemed to have known from the start (much like Columbo himself) that the series would be a hit, according to series creator William Link.

Link had met Falk, he told the Television Academy Foundation, when the actor was “just getting his feet wet as a young actor”.

Falk, after reading the script for the pilot episode titled “Prescription: Murder”, knew he had to play the main character: “‘I’ll kill to play that cop,'” Link recalled saying Falk. exact words, I remember, ‘kill to play that cop.’ I thought about it and said, ‘You know, he has all the attributes. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s very New Yorker. He could do it. He had everything, he was perfect. And he got better and better.

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‘Columbo’ stars Leonard Nimoy, Dick Van Dyke, William Shatner and Janet Leigh

The parade of legendary guest stars who appeared on ‘Columbo’

Heaton is right: the series hosted many stars of the era, including famous actors Vincent Price, Jack Cassidy, Leslie Nielsen, Leonard Nimoy, Don Ameche, Myrna Loy, Blythe Danner and Dick Van Dyke.

Van Dyke, who was asked by a fan on Twitter if his beard in the episode was real, responded“It was, indeed, my real beard in the Colombo [sic] episode. I wore a fake one in the movie “Some Kind of Nut” very uncomfortable!”

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