How to beat the cloud giant in Witcher 3


The Cloud Giant is a tricky boss in Witcher 3, and to defeat it, players will need to take advantage of the arena environment.

After climbing the magic bean in Witcher 3In the Fablesphere questline, Geralt and Sylvia come face to face with a monstrous Ogroid known as the Cloud Giant. In the past, the giant was a humble inhabitant of the castle of the sky in the Land of a Thousand Fables. However, as the earth degraded and rotted, the spirit of the giant also degraded, causing it to become a rampaging monster in Witcher 3 who would attack anyone who dared to enter the palace. In order for Geralt and Sylvia to continue, they will have to work together and take down the Berserk Monstrosity.

As an Ogroid, the Cloud Giant is weak towards specific elements and substances. Naturally, coating Geralt’s Silver Sword with Ogroid Oil will cause the beast to take additional damage from the witcher’s slashing attacks. In addition, the giant is sensitive to fire, which means that the Igni Sign and Dancing Star bombs can be used to the advantage of the player. To make oil or bombs, witcher fans will need a few ingredients.


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First, to make Ogroid oil in Witcher 3, Geralt will need Bear Fat x1 and Ginatia Petals x4. Bear fat is obtained from vendors of herbalists or by killing bears in the wild. Likewise, Ginatia petals can be picked from bushes growing in the wild or purchased from the same bear fat vendors. Keep in mind that these ingredients only create the base Ogroid oil variant, and the recipe gets much more complex for the Enhanced or Superior versions. As for Dancing Star Bombs, players will need Saltpeter x1 and Sulfur x2. Both can be purchased from alchemical merchants or looted from certain monsters.

How to beat the giant cloud boss in Witcher 3

Witcher 3 Giant Cloud Boss Guide

Cloud Giant’s boss battle in the Blood and wine DLC takes place in an arena shrouded in murky but stormy fog. When the fight begins, the giant will dive into the haze below and emerge with a surprise attack. Geralt will have to have his mind about him and quickly dodge whenever the boss jumps from below. The Cloud Giant has several attack patterns ranging from quick attacks to powerful hits. If players are having trouble recognizing which strike the giant is about to execute, the best course of action is to dodge or roll to the right.

As the battle progresses, witcher fans may notice several piles of debris lying around the arena. Sometimes lightning strikes one of these “beacons”, electrically charging it. As this happens, rush over to the scrap heap and direct the Cloud Giant’s attack on the mound. As a result, the Witcher 3 the boss will temporarily become stunned for a period of time, giving players the ability to deal a massive amount of damage without retaliation. Repeat this process until the giant is defeated. Alternatively, a crossbow hit in the eye will fatally injure the boss, but such a precise strike is very difficult to achieve.

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