How Star Wars Jedi: Survivor picks up from Fallen Order

Cal Kestis’ journey officially continues in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, slated for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC release in 2023. The sequel comes nearly four years after Jedi: Fallen Order introduced us to new Jedi, new Inquisitors and one of the cutest droids in the galaxy. But there’s actually even more time between the stories of the two games: EA has confirmed that Survivor takes place five years after the events of Fallen Order, and our first look at Survivor shows that Cal and BD-1 have serious problems.

Now, an important part of Cal’s life, as far as players know, is his reunited family and the crew of the Stinger Mantis, Cal’s star home throughout the events of Fallen Order. We don’t really see the crew – Cere, Greez, and Merrin – in the Survivor reveal, but we can assume things didn’t go so well for them. The trailer shows the Mantis shot down on a desert planet, with a slow pan through its main hull spelling nothing but trouble. Looking out the cockpit window, you can see a singular set of footprints in the distance, suggesting that Cal or another crew member escaped this crash alone. But the rest of the team’s fate remains a mystery.

As for the first desert planet we see, well, Star Wars has no shortage of sandy shores, and it’s just as likely to be a new planet as it is potentially familiar, given that Fallen Order has taken us to several lesser-seen worlds. If it already exists, it’s only natural to assume Tatooine given its prevalence. Additionally, Survivor would essentially take place around the same time as the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, and we know the Inquisitors will be in both. It could even be the sequel trilogy’s premier desert planet, Jakku. But it could also be the desert moon Jedha. Not only is the moon a spiritually and historically important place for the Jedi, and as we’ll see later in the trailer Cal needs a lightsaber at some point, we also know that the planet eventually becomes the base of operations for someone Cal once had ties to: Saw Gerrera, whom Cal met during Fallen Order.

Wherever this planet is is only a brief glimpse into the dire state of things for Cal. Several threads run through the trailer – slow pans of a character in a bacta tank, a voiceover questioning Cal, and a battle between Cal and another character. Let’s start with the latter first and how it configures other persistent threads.

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A Jedi Without a Lightsaber… Again

Spoiler alert! Spoilers for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s ending follow – if you haven’t beaten that adventure yet, this isn’t the article you’re looking for.

Due to the lack of a crew presence in the trailer, we mostly see Cal going it alone in the reveal. At one point, Cal comes to blows with a masked figure wielding a red lightsaber and seemingly loses his lightsaber in the process.

Either way, Survivor’s reveal gives us a strong sense that Cal is on the hook, but for a series that’s already had such a good lightsaber fight and EA’s promise to expand those mechanics, he probably won’t be without such a signature weapon for long. This could lead to a theoretical trip to Jedha or another location known for kyber crystal supplies, as he visited Ilum in the first game to forge his lightsaber with a new kyber crystal.

As for that lightsaber? Well, it ends up in the hands of someone powerful working for the Empire. Although Cal loses his lightsaber in the middle of the trailer, the reveal actually opens with a shot of Stormtroopers carrying a suitcase to a safe place, and we later see that suitcase open, inside this action figure’s mitts.

The sharp teeth and skin suggest it’s a pau’an, and it’s natural to assume it would be the Grand Inquisitor stalking Cal, its appearance is sufficiently different from the live action and animated appearances. of that character to signal that it’s not him, and in fact, refers to him as an Imperial Senator. Yet this antagonistic force is clearly interested in hunting down Cal Kestis. And that’s no surprise, considering Cal has passed the Empire for years as a known Jedi, and in particular his encounter with powerful enemies in Jedi: Fallen Order. This hulking figure’s voiceover intones the entire trailer, saying “Tell me Cal Kestis, why lead when they won’t follow,” wondering what Cal’s next move will be as he creepily ogles the lightsaber of Cal.

Here we may have another clue about Cal and the rest of the Mantis’ current situation, if the crew is indeed the “they” this number refers to. He could be hinting at some sort of division of goals within the group amid the growing and imposing strength of the Empire. As we know from the end of Fallen Order, rather than choosing to pursue the locations of other potential Jedi in the galaxy, Cal destroyed the Holocron containing this information to keep these children safe, allowing them to choose their own way. This information would have been invaluable to the Empire, but also left the Mantis crew alone – it’s possible that not everyone in the years that followed either agreed with Cal’s call, or he there may be other problems brewing during such an oppressive time in the galaxy.

Screenshots from the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Reveal trailer

As we see in this character’s brief scenes, while he’s working directly with the Inquisitors who have already hunted Cal, he’s not at the Inquisitorial Fortress. We know it’s somewhere on Coruscant, because that city skyline looks like the perfect place to fly around while barely hanging onto a droid. Either way, the Inquisitor will no doubt continue to be an antagonistic force against Cal.

As we mentioned earlier, it looks like Cal is pretty alone right now. But the trailer’s last remaining mystery may point to a potential ally in Cal’s continued quest.

Who’s in the Tank?

Throughout the trailer, slow pans of a character in a tank of bacta are intercut with the rest of Cal’s tribulations, before finally ending with Cal standing in front of said person in the tank, in the middle of a otherwise spared and desolate room overgrown with flora. Cal looks at this white-haired figure, seemingly alone in this room. It’s also worth noting that he has his trademark lightsaber (which he loses at some point in the trailer) on him right now. He also apparently carries a holstered blaster, something Cal doesn’t usually carry on his person in Fallen Order. Maybe Respawn leverages its expertise with shooters like Apex Legends and Titanfall and gives Cal more expansive options.

We only get brief close-up glimpses of them, and while they’re giving off some major Cloud Strife vibes, it’s entirely possible that he’s a brand new character, although someone ‘someone Cal can turn to for help in his darkest times, whether he wants to or not. After all, Cal’s antagonist asks, “What’s your next move, Jedi?” just before the trailer turns to this mysterious new figure, and the ominous piece, coupled with Cal’s apparent dismay on his face as he watches the figure, could mean it’s not someone to whom he is particularly happy to turn. Respawn game director Stig Asmussen told that Cal “will be connecting with people who, at d ‘other times, might be considered disreputable.

This figure has mysterious inky black veins running through its shoulder, potentially signaling some sort of corruption or injury that required them to be inside this bacta tank. They may be someone essential to Cal, well, survive, in Jedi: Survivor, and could very well be a survivor themselves, but maybe they’re someone who tests Cal’s commitment. to his survival – this could potentially be a Sith or someone else who follows the dark side, resulting in the dark look on Cal’s face.

Unfortunately, the breathing mask, lighting, and flowing hair obscures the character’s face a bit, so it’s hard to guess their exact identities, but the scene and trailer overall convey the dark moment in which finds Cal, leaving mysteries about what happened to the Stinger. The Mantis crew, how they plan to continue to outrun the Empire, and more. We’ll have to wait to find out which returning faces join Cal along the way, which new ones prove to be true allies, and how he plans to continue surviving against the Empire closer to the launch of Jedi: Survivor next year.

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