Hoogezand dives into the future during this scientific weekend. Robots, a taxi drone and a smart safety vest are exposed to police officers


On Saturday, there is something to do in Hoogezand on the theme of 5G. Photo: Economic Council of Groningen

During Science Weekend (October 2-3) in Hoogezand, there will be all kinds of activities on the topic of 5G, the latest generation of mobile communication. On Saturday, visitors can dive into the future using robots, autonomous transportation, drones and other smart devices.

During the “Make Business for 5G” public day, the capabilities and opportunities of 5G will be showcased, making mobile internet much faster, for example. The event is part of the National Science Weekend. The public day in Hoogezand is organized by 5Groningen, an initiative of the Economic Council of Groningen, in collaboration with partners.

Entrepreneurs and organizations in the region are demonstrating their applications with 5G, and there are presentations and workshops for young and old. For example, demonstrations of applications in agriculture, health, traffic and daily life are given. Additionally, visitors can wear virtual reality glasses, sit in an autonomous bus, enjoy a drone taxi, and show the smart safety vest to police officers.

Robot programming

The public day will take place from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in and around Het Kielzog (Gorecht Est 157) in Hoogezand. Everyone is welcome and entry is free. Children are also welcome in the activities: they can, among other things, program a robot or do something beautiful in 3D.

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