HBO’s GameStop Stock Documentary Can’t Be Missed

HBO released a documentary titled wall street games, which chronicles the GameStop stock incident that took the internet by storm in January 2021. The two-part project dives deep into the Reddit movement that created a short-lived squeeze on GameStop stock, highlighting the mentality behind it and the realities she exposed.

Anyone fascinated by the GameStop incident and Robinhood’s reaction will no doubt appreciate the streamer’s analysis. And even those hearing about it for the first time can find themselves immersed in Wall Street games. Here’s why it’s a must-have documentary.

Kieran Culkin tells ‘Gaming Wall Street’ on HBO

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One of the most obvious reasons to check out HBO Wall Street Video Games documentary is that Succession star Kieran Culkin tells it.

Maintaining his usual charisma, Culkin breaks down the ins and outs of the stock market — as well as how a bunch of Redditors disrupted it — in easy-to-understand terms. He also injects humor into the documentary, breaking up financial descriptions and analysis with relatable commentary.

Culkin is well known for his role as Roman Roy and his inclusion in Wall Street Video Games adds a certain familiarity to the project. Of course, he’s not the only reason to connect, but he’s sure to grab the attention of Succession Fans.

HBO’s ‘Gaming Wall Street’ breaks it down in simple terms

HBO’s ‘Gaming Wall Street’ | HBO Max

Not only does HBO’s two-part documentary contain entertaining commentary, but it breaks down the GameStop situation – and the stock market in general – in simple terms. This means that even viewers with little knowledge of how the system works can follow the story being told.

Experts make sure to define key financial expressions before explaining the role they played in the GameStop saga. Definitions are typed on screen and analysts link them to the main topic using simple language.

Wall Street Video Games serves both as an introductory lesson in the stock market and as a summary of a specific event. And it offers multiple perspectives on the system, featuring experts and advisors in addition to the faces behind the r/wallstreetbets subreddit. The range of speakers allows viewers to understand the situation from multiple angles, resulting in content that is both educational and relevant.

And Wall Street Video Games does not hesitate to emphasize the importance of telling this story. Although he sticks to the facts, he gets to the heart of why the GameStop incident matters.

Documentary Explains Why GameStop’s Inventory Situation Matters

In addition to detailing GameStop’s short press and Robinhood’s response, HBO Wall Street Video Games documentary does a solid job of explaining why viewers should care.

On the one hand, it connects what happened in January 2021 to the stock market crash of 2008. It details how policies often used by hedge funds relate to both events. He also notes that the Redditors behind the GameStop movement felt they were settling a score after the crash negatively impacted so many people.

The HBO documentary also exposes the inequalities revealed by the whole affair. Wall Street Video Games compares the actions of Redditors to the day-to-day maneuvers of wealthy corporations. In doing so, it suggests that different groups are beholden to very different sets of rules, signaling an imbalance of power.

Finally, the documentary ends with a powerful message, urging viewers to be careful where they spend their money. Wall Street Video Games argues that consumers can have an impact through their own choices. And really, the GameStop stock market incident proves it.

Wall Street Video Games is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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