Having a brass ring to hold onto during league and state matches is a welcome motivation.


GREENWICH – Fresh off a 9-0 double-season, the Greenwich women’s swimming and diving team will be preparing for the playoffs… not so fast.

“As we get closer to the CFCF, the Class L Finals and the State Open, we’re going to reduce our training and intensity,” said Greenwich coach Brendan Heller. “That way when we get to the competitions the girls will be rested and strong. I keep reminding them that due to their training they will feel great and be at their best for the playoffs. “

Greenwich won 11 straight LL class titles and four straight Open crowns, before being overthrown by Cheshire in 2019.

Having a brass ring to hold onto during league and state matches is a welcome motivation.

“It’s double,” Heller said of the competition after a year-long absence. “There is something unknown. It will be a unique experience. Our first year and second year students have never competed in these high school championship competitions. It will be a learning experience.

“The second element is meeting Ridgefield and Darien,” he added. “There is intensity and nerves that come with these pressure situations. This stress changes the dynamic, the mental state, to delimit everything and run with confidence. “

Greenwich ended their regular season unbeaten by beating Darien 106-80. He dominated Ridgefield 101-86 in his fourth meeting. Challenging runs increase the intensity on the pool deck.

“You can prepare as hard as you can, but until you walk on the block and the crowd goes crazy, or when you hear it while you’re swimming, it’s a once in a lifetime experience,” Heller said. . “Adrenaline adds a new level. Some people eat it so well. They soak up and work better than they ever thought they would. For others, it will be entirely new. This is the fun part of the championships. This is what we are looking forward to.

Payton Foster won two of the top seven places against Darien. The sophomore won the intermediate 200 relay in 2: 07.30 and the 500 free in 4: 58.29.

Greenwich mixes up its programming. Winners of multiple events are not common.

“I like to mix and try the girls in different events,” Heller said. “We have quality depth to score points from our first person to our fourth person in every event. In a duel, the fourth scores are not taken into account, but they will be in the playoffs. It’s good to have these girls ready.

Sofia Wang won the 100 freestyle (55.03), Caterina Li the 100 butterfly (59.33), Isabella Malchow the 100 backstroke (101.49) and Michelle Weissler the 100 breaststroke (107.84). Emma Robinson (200 freestyle), Wang (50 freestyle) and Sydney Jee (100 breaststroke) took the seconds.

Javiera Garcia (253.13), Esme Merrill (217.65) and Mackenzie Newi (207.90) were respectively first, third and fifth in the 1m dive.

Heller said: “We have seven divers. You can dive three to four in each competition, so we do a rotation for those who enter. They have done a remarkable job. It’s nice to finish the dive and get those eight to ten points. They have been and will continue to be helpful with regard to the CFIAS, States and the Open. “

Heller praised his captains – Li, Merrill, Malchow and Robinson – for getting the new team members used to swimming and diving in Greenwich.

“Before the start of the season, they explained to the new girls what’s important,” Heller said. “They talked about culture. I think we’ve done a good job building on that by adding new traditions and new styles of training. There is so much history and tradition with Greenwich swimming. It’s great to continue this.

“They take care of it every day. They push each other, work together every day and are consistent. The next few weeks are when it’s time to shine. We have trained hard so far. The best is yet to come.”

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