Girl Scout cookies lead to adventure

When you buy Girl Scout cookies, you’re supporting girls’ ability to learn, grow and thrive through adventure. Running their own Girl Scout Cookie business makes it all possible – from camping trips that teach them to be resourceful, to STEM projects that inspire them to change the world, to epic hikes that remind them they can do anything.

You — yes, YOU — can help girls become leaders. When you buy Girl Scout Cookies, you’re helping them learn new experiences and build leadership skills through program opportunities. These experiences and skills are the foundation of entrepreneurship and they will empower girls to change our world.

Through Girl Scout experiences, girls develop the attitudes and skills they need to succeed in life. They aspire to make an impact, they embrace challenges and take risks. They see opportunities and are open to new ideas.

The girls are ready, but are you ready to support them? Research indicates that 92% of girls think they are smart enough to be entrepreneurs and nearly 80% say they are interested in business careers. The entrepreneurial future for the girls is bright.

Girl Scouts are more likely than other girls to have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to be an entrepreneur in the future.

For over 100 years, Girl Scouts and their supporters have made the annual cookie program a success while having fun and developing valuable skills to make the world a better place every step of the way.

The girls are interested in entrepreneurship, and they already think like an entrepreneur. With our support, nothing stops them.

So get ready to enjoy Girl Scout Cookies! Visit to connect with a troop in your area. We all love Girl Scout cookies, so give some to a friend or donate to a good cause, because every bite counts!

— Loretta Graham, CEO, Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois

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