Femme-Fronted Delusional Records Releases First Anniversary Compilation

Keep the PRIDE vibes flowing with the Crazy One Year Old Birthday Compilationfeaturing female, LGBTQIA+, non-binary and BIPOC artists!

Last year, Los Angeles-based queer artists Maude Vos and Mary Nyx launches its feminine house and techno label Crazy records, with the desire to give a platform to those who seek to express themselves in their own way. Their core values ​​are simple yet powerful – experimentation, visibility and inclusivity, and over the past year the outcome of the footprint has been nothing short of phenomenal. Today, Delusional Records celebrates their growing success, with their one year anniversary and PRIDE in tandem.

In honor of this inspiring achievement, it’s time to fire up your speakers and get ready for some off-the-beaten-path musical action as Delusional pulls back the curtain on their 10th release, Crazy One Year Old Birthday Compilation. Serving up 15 delicious experimental tracks, all of the female, LGBTQIA+, non-binary, and BIPOC producers chosen for this project turned to modular synthesizers and analog gear to show off their unyielding skills! What they found may be a bit off the beaten path, but brings listeners back to their rave roots with a dose of fresh pizzazz.

This compilation is a carefully curated eclectic mix of electronic music that stays true to Delusional’s raw, hypnotic sound and philosophy of experimentation, inclusivity and visibility.

Diversity is at the heart of everything we do. This one year anniversary compilation is a true showcase that our label covers gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, race and geography.

– Maude Vôs & Marie Nyx

With that, let’s dive into some of the highlights, starting with “Smoke and honey” by Mother. You’ll quickly succumb to the sultry black energy as it fills the room, setting the tone as you spiral into chaos and madness, led by the brain-buzzing effects of talents like Marie Ann Hedonia, Dahlia Fairy, and Marie Nyx. But don’t be afraid, because Panoc passes with the uplifting vibes of “Stableto make sure your mind doesn’t overdose on caffeine. You’ll even find a healthy dose of shadow-focused sound waves like Luzi Tudor and Realize who would like to hold you captive in an underground realm as you absorb the smoldering heat of “Primal Panic” and “Always connected.”

Of course, we’re all addicted to dancing here, so if you want to drop everything and shake what your momma gave you, be very careful.”purple robot” by Hannah Monique. The punchy drive paired with the cryptic vocal sample will have your happy feet flying! On the other hand, if you sink into your couch and drift off into a psychedelic daydream, that’s what you crave the most, so play hard OF THEMoPro.” Of all the offerings, this one will have your jaw on the floor. But it doesn’t stop there! These tracks are just a few examples of what you can expect, so enough talk, it’s time to let the music speak for itself.

Take your copy of Crazy One Year Old Birthday Compilation on your favorite music platform, stream the album on Spotify and let us know what you think of the tracks in the comments!

Flow Delusional Records 1st Anniversary Compilation on Spotify:

Delusional Records 1st Anniversary VA Compilation – List of tracks:

  1. M-Other – Smoke & Honey
  2. Marie Ann Hedonia – Cat Dance
  3. Dahlia Fae – Infliction
  4. Maude Vôs – iele
  5. Panooc – Stall
  6. Trovarsi–Ricochet
  7. Hannah Monica – Purple Robot
  8. Luzi Tudor – Primal Panic
  9. Marie Nyx – Asteria
  10. Achieve – Always Connected
  11. Material – Satin
  12. Russel Woods – Can I get a square?
  13. Wish Lash – Light Hand
  14. DELA-MoPro
  15. Venues – ACT Kall
Delusional Records 1st Anniversary VA Compilation

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