Extension director resigns to hit the road


GREENFIELD – Cheryl Jones goes on an adventure.

After completing her tenure as office manager for the Hancock County Purdue Extension next month, wife Anderson and her husband will load their three young sons and two large dogs into a motorhome and drive across the country.

Jones gave her notice to resign from her extension office post in mid-June, after her husband, Luke, accepted a job while traveling for an organ procurement company.

While she thinks it will be a challenge to go from a 3,000-square-foot house on just over half an acre to living in an RV, Jones said she was up to the task. challenge.

She will draw on her experience as an educator with the extension office to home school her three young sons – Kaden, 8 years old; Avery, 7; and Asher, 4.

Jones joined the extension office in May 2019 as the county health and home science educator. She then took on the additional role of director of the extension office in November 2020, after fellow educator Brian Greer stepped down as director formerly held by Sarah Burke.

Jones, who previously worked as a registered dietitian, said she enjoyed her time working for the Purdue Extension office.

“I enjoyed being part of this community. It has been an incredible opportunity, ”she said.

“I felt really energized working with everyone here, both in the county and at Purdue. I have had great experiences working with many people who really make Hancock County a great place.

Margie Clark, a member of Hancock County Extension Homemakers, said Jones was a great leader and supporter.

“Once Cheryl took her post, she hit the ground running. I met her during the week and explained our organization to her and she was ready to help, ”said Clark. “On behalf of Hancock County Extension Homemakers, we wish him the best. I will miss her, but I can’t wait to see many photos as she turns the page and hits the road.

Julie Gray, senior manager of the local Purdue Extension region, echoed the sentiment.

“As a leader, Cheryl has not only served as County Extension Manager, but also chair or lead on numerous collaborative projects in the greater Indianapolis area and across the state,” said Gray.

“As a supervisor, I wish her and her family the best and thank her for the hard work and selfless commitment she has given over the past two years.”

Jones is known in both the county and state for her work in the areas of health and nutrition, food safety, financial literacy, parenting, and aging.

As she leaves big shoes to fill, Gray said Purdue Extension will be advertising to fill her position soon.

In the meantime, Jones is counting the days until she, her husband, and their boys embark on their next big adventure.

“I think it will be a fun experience to find out,” said Jones, who is keen to visit as many national and state parks as possible, providing hands-on learning for his boys along the way.

She plans to make frequent stops in Portland, where her parents and sister live, making time to return to central Indiana to visit her in-laws as well.

In one look

Cheryl Jones, office manager for Hancock County Purdue Extension, will be stepping down on August 16 to begin a cross-country adventure with her family.

Jones joined the extension office in May 2019 as a health and home science educator, then took on the additional role of director in November 2020.

She and her husband, Luke, and their three sons will be living in an RV, traveling the country for her husband’s new job with an organ procurement organization.

The Hancock County Extension Homemakers will be hosting a departure party for Jones and his family from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 10 at the Hancock County Extension Office, 802 Apple St. in Greenfield.

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