Dropkick and other Big Show moves Giants shouldn’t do (but did)

There is a school of thought in wrestling for big men that “you have to work like a giant”. Lots of “fee-fi-fo-fumming” trailing and stumbling. Never leave your feet or lean on one knee. That way, when smaller opponents end up knocking them down, it’s like they’ve achieved the impossible.

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But when all the giants make moves that make them look like mere mortals, that’s when wrestlers pushed like mythical beasts become human. Rarely leaving your feet is one thing, but integrating it into your movement set is another.

ten The Giant’s Kick

When he started out in WCW, Paul Wight was young and lively. As snappy as any seven-foot-four, 400-pounder could be. The Giant was known not only for his dropkicks, but also for his pinches and even dropkicks from the top rope!

When you have the frame of a giant, making moves like this quite consistently would have a terrible effect on his career. He finally realized that he didn’t have to do anything so spectacular to be considered a phenomenon.

9 Undertaker’s “Flying Cow”

Comically referred to by Bruce Prichard as The Flying Cow when The Undertaker takes flight, it’s quite an impressive sight to behold.

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Especially when shooting it during an Inferno Match, through the flames. He would end up trying to be hugely successful against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25, but when the cameraman wasn’t around to catch him properly, he landed on his head and lost almost everything, let alone The Streak himself. .


8 Kane’s Clothesline

Much like his older brother, Kane was also able to take flight in many of his matches. Even more than The Deadman, Kane would make The Flying Clothesline a big part of his repertoire.

But the decision never seemed quite right when a nearly seven-foot future mayor pulled it off. However, the very fact that such a big man could pull off the move was a feat in itself.

seven Vader’s Moonsault

Big Van Vader was a once-in-a-lifetime generational artist. He was and still is widely regarded as the greatest big man in sports history. Even for a Kayfabe sport, there were people who were afraid to be in the ring with the hard-hitting juggernaut.

The big moonsault wasn’t always necessary though, but he practically took it out of his arsenal every night.

6 Viscera’s Spinning Heel Kick

It’s easy to give Mabel/Viscera a bad name. The guy was inches away from being booked to beat Diesel, gave in to the Deadman’s face, and according to a famous writer, he could have been the nWo’s third man. In the ring, he mostly worked the way a big man should work.

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But he was also able to pull off a nasty spinning heel kick which, if executed incorrectly, meant over 500 pounds that seriously injured you.

5 Samoa Joe’s Suicide Dive

Heading outside the ring is one of those types of moves that fans follow. Although the two men in the ring try to win their match, the action can sometimes spill over to the floor.

It’s even more absurd when one guy is just waiting to grab the other. Samoa Joe performing a Suicide Dive must be a terrifying sight for his opponents.

4 Bam Bam Bigelow wheels

Another big man able to move like a lightweight was Bam Bam Bigelow. Similar to Vader, the man had a massive moonsault. But one of the moves that helped make Bammer look smaller was early in his career.

The flame-tattooed Bigelow wheeled around the ring to show off or avoid bigger opponents.

3 Keith Lee’s corkscrew plancha

While Keith Lee claims he’s limitless and fans are certainly inclined to agree with him. But it has limits. On the one hand, like many, he was incapable of what Vince McMahon wanted with The Bearcat.

But in all honesty, his ability to leap the ropes for a corkscrew plancha seems awfully risky and dangerous. Half the time, the apron cushions his fall. The other half of the time, a crowd of wrestlers pretending to stumble while waiting to grab the big man looked silly.

2 Rikishi’s frog splashes out of the cage

In a war for the Intercontinental Title, Rikishi faced Val Venis in a steel cage match on Raw. Like many big matches back in the day, fans were conditioned to expect the big spots, and they don’t get much bigger than that.

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Papa Uce climbed to the top of the cage and landed the biggest Buffalo Frog Splash fans have ever seen. Luckily, Rikishi learned his lesson and never did that one again.

1 Shooting Star Press by Brock Lesnar

Of course, it would take a top athlete like Brock Lesnar to land his 290+ frame fear on his neck to stop doing The Shooting Star Press. Throughout his developmental training, The Beast achieved one of the greatest Shooting Stars as part of his moveset. Eventually, Lesnar was informed that there really wasn’t a need for a man his size to make this move, but at WrestleMania 19 he wanted to end his main event with something special.

When he headed to the top at WrestleMania 19, Kurt Angle got half the ring. Lesnar landed hard and a lesser man could have been crippled if not dead. Brock hasn’t tried it since and he really doesn’t need to climb the top rope anymore.

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