Day and Harper take the lead in the 1st round at the City Qualifier


Jace Day and Robin Harper were kites in the wind on Saturday.

And it wasn’t a friendly breeze either, with gusts and whirlwinds in all directions, spinning the flags 180 degrees and back again in a matter of minutes.

Day felt too good about his game to notice. The rising second-year golfer from southern Indiana cut the wind with a score of 67 under four to lead the men’s championship division of the City Golf qualifying tournament at Cascades.

Harper was the only other golfer to pass par, leading the Super Seniors with a 70. Jim Alexander’s 74 sits atop the Seniors. The second and final round will take place on Sunday, with the top 15 earning a spot on the championship flights when the match begins on July 10.

Day, a North 2020 graduate, dropped a 33 in the front and added a 34 in the rear despite a pair of bogeys. A bullet point on # 17 helped with this. He leads by five shots on three-time champion Mitch Oard (72), with three tied at 74.

“I tried to make sure I didn’t get too aggressive in some places,” Day said. “I’ve played enough on this course to know where the pitfalls can be so I knew I was really in touch with my game. I did a really good job keeping the ball in front of me and not hitting it. too many stray shots.

“I can put myself down sometimes and I did a good job of making sure I didn’t do it, that I stayed in the rhythm and that I stayed in the moment. It helped me a lot.”

Course management was key. Day kept himself in good position with smart play.

“Not chasing every bowling ruthlessly and putting myself in a position where I was going to be able to score,” Day said. “I’m confident enough in my short game and my putting to at least reach par in most situations. “

Oard also ignored the victory and kept himself in the race for the medalist. At 74, the last four members of 2020 Logan Vernon, Brian Smiley and Marc Guyer, with 2019 champion and last year’s runner-up, Doak Henry, in striking distance with a 75.

“I did well at the start today so that helped me out,” said Oard. “I kept it in play where I needed it and where I missed it was good. I allowed myself a lot of long putts for birdies so I didn’t have any great opportunities. to score, but I got it on the green.

“Trying to make it by today was the goal.”

Three birdies and three bogeys in a mostly stable lap took care of this.

Harper also took the change from his competition with a 33 on the front. He holds a two-stroke lead over Ike Martin (72). Joe Beane (76), Dan Neubecker (77) trail, followed by Mike Vernon and David Devitt with 78.

“I putts,” Harper said. “It’s the best trick I’ve played this year. We had a great group. They were all laughing and having a great time.

“I came here hoping to keep him under the 80’s.”

And doing it while battling the elements made it even better.

“That’s what made it fun,” Harper said. “It made me think a bit.

“I think we all loved it. It gave you something to blame if you hit a bad shot.”

Alexander, last year’s qualifying medalist, has a slim lead over Bob Hasty (75) and Jon Wampler (75), he just wants a little bigger. Charles Combs (77) and Mark Chestnutwood (78) are also within range.

“I felt like I left a couple there,” Alexander said. “I was a little loose, but I didn’t do anything special, I just stayed stable.

“It was windy so you had to be smart and some of the hairpin positions were quite difficult so you had to be in the right position. But I thought the course was in good shape and I liked the way it was. traced. above. “

For just about everyone, setting up on # 15, the short uphill par 3 on the pine tree that runs along the cart path to Ridge # 1, was a topic of conversation.

The pins were moved up and the pin was placed just above the front slope. And with the howling wind, mostly from the south, it made every shot there an adventure. For every tee shot poked near the birdie pin, there was a 6-foot putt over the hole that ended up rolling onto the green, leading to a bogey.

“I ended up doing a bogey, but I thought it was fun,” Day said. “I like it when they make the course different from what he plays every day.”

The second round will be played on Sunday from 7:30 am with the Super Seniors, then Men and Seniors groups. The male leaders will start at 9.40 a.m., the Super Seniors at 8.10 a.m. and the Seniors at 10.50 a.m.


At the Cascades



Jace Day 67

Mitch Oard 72

Logan Vernon 74

Brian Smiley 74

Marc Guyer 74

Doak Henri 75

Plato Deliyanis 78

Sam wise 78

Matt Seifers 79

Jacob Paine 79

Brian Muephlhaus 79

Levi Robertson 80

Jake Miller 80

Austin Render 80

Chad Osborne 82

Darin Woodley 82

Tony Arnett 82

Greg Granger 82

Chaz Schultz 83

Anthony Robertson 83

Chris Williams 84

Robert Sage 84

Brad McLaughlin 86

Brad Scroggins 86

Matt Newman 87

Kevin Byon 88

jared taylor 91

Jim South 100

David Tiwari 108


Jim Alexander 74

Jon Wampler 75

Bob Hurry 75

Charles Combs 77

Mark Chestnut 78

Brad Leach 79

Tim gillespie 80

Roger rainbolt 80

Mike Snapp 81

Steve Hines 81

Chuck Vernon 83

John Kaser 83

Todd May 84

Bruke Geene 84

Lance Ringler 85

Joe davis 85

Steve sims 85

bret daniels 85

Ken Wilson 87

Matthew Grubb 94

Dan Smith 96

Greg Taggart 113


Robin harper 70

Ike Martin 72

Joe beane 76

Dan Neubecker 77

Mike Vernon 78

David Devitt 78

Kirby Gann 79

Bill Pfrommer 79

George Finley 80

Paul Toddy 80

Robbie Vernon 82

Rick miracle 82

Marty Hutsell 83

Brian Werth 85

Brent Baker 86

Steve Stanger 86

George Fielding 87

Sam Jantaraweragul 88

Jim Shea 89



7:30 am: Steve Stanger, George Fielding, Sam Jantaraweragul, Jim Shea

7:40 am: Rick Miracle, Marty Hutsell, Brian Werth, Brent Baker

7:50 am: Bill Pfrommer, George Finley, Paul Toddy, Robbie Vernon

8h00: Dan Neubecker, Mike Vernon, David Devitt, Kirby Gann

8:10 am: Robin Harper, Ike Martin, Joe Beane


8:30 am: Jared Taylor, Jim Southern, David Tiwari

8:40 am: Brad Scroggins, Matt Newman, Kevin Byon

8:50 am: Anthony Robertson, Chris Williams, Robert Wise, Brad McLaughlin

9h00: Darin Woodley, Tony Arnett, Greg Granger, Chaz Schultz

9:10 am: Levi Robertson, Jake Miller, Austin Render, Chad Osborne

9:20 am: Sam Wise, Matt Seifers, Jacob Paine, Brian Muehlhaus

9:30 am: Marc Guyer, Doak Henry, Charles Osborne, Plato Deliyanis

9:40 am: Jace Day, Mitch Oard, Logan Vernon, Brian Smiley


10:00 am: Steve Sims, Dan Smith, Greg Taggart

10:10 am: Brett Daniels, Ken Wilson, Matthew Grubb

10:20 am: Todd May, Burke Geene, Lance Ringler, Joe Davis

10:30 am: Mike Snapp, Steve Hinds, Chuck Vernon, John Kaser

10:40 am: Mark Chestnutwood, Brad Leach, Tim Gillespie, Roger Rainbolt

10:50 a.m .: Jim Alexander, Jon Wampler, Bob Hasty, Charles Combs

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