Concerns grow as Stateline drought continues



WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WREX) – Parts of the country are experiencing major drought this summer and spring, including the Midwest.

“Sometimes in the spring we worry about the excess water and now we say where is the rain, where is the rain,” said Kevin Versino, CEO of Rocktown Adventures.

This question is something farmers like Aaron Mitchell say they keep asking

“It’s going to get really bad if we don’t have rain soon,” Mitchell said.

He says the drought has stunted the growth of his crops.

Mitchell says he grows both corn and soybeans for sale and wheat and hay to feed his dairy cows.

“It’s one thing when corn and soybeans don’t grow, but with the cattle we are trying to raise too, we need food for them and it has to come from somewhere,” Mitchell said.

He says farmers like him are insured to cover the costs if they can’t produce enough crops this season, but that won’t cover everything.

Harlem Roscoe Fire Protection District Deputy Chief John Bergeron says dry conditions can be very dangerous.

“The concern we have is open burning. Whether it is garden waste, outdoor barbecue,” said Bergeron.

He says these types of fires can easily spread during a drought and asks people not to burn.

Rocktown Adventure general manager Kevin Versino also said the drought is hampering water activities and could even lead to dangerous situations.

“People might think I’m in shallow water, I don’t have to worry about a thing. But as long as you’re in any type of water there are always risks,” said Versino.

Bergeron says that if you’re planning on barbecuing, you should saturate the ground in that area so that if a spark or flame lands on the ground, it won’t continue to burn.


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