Coast Guard and Navy conduct ice dives in Minnesota

Diving is a difficult skill on its own, but the stakes are even higher when diving in freezing water.

This is the training that members of the US Coast Guard and Navy undergo at Camp Ripley in Little Falls, Minnesota. The Coast Guard recently launched the course aboard the Minnesota National Guard Base.

A video showed instructors guiding them through cold water ice diving on Lake Ferrell on February 3. Students had to get dressed, perform communication checks, enter the water, perform suit and tank checks, submerge, return to the surface, and exit the water.

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The week-long training prepares military divers to execute missions in cold water and ice environments.

According to the Army, Camp Ripley provides arctic conditions for real-world cold-weather and ice diving training. Training begins with setting up the tents, cutting appropriate holes in the ice, familiarization with the dry suit and training in cold water dive set-up before participants dive under the ice.

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“The support from Camp Ripley over the past year in moving this course from Seattle has been outstanding, and we look forward to the continued partnership between the U.S. Coast Guard and the Minnesota National Guard at Camp Ripley,” said the Navy Lt. Nicholas Pavlik. said in a statement.

“As we focus on a different environment, Camp Ripley is proud to work with our Navy and Coast Guard partners,” said Army Brig. General Lowell Kruse added. “Our goal is to be a premier training site for all branches, and we will continue to meet the needs of the modern military.”

“Camp Ripley continues to evolve and we will work tirelessly with all of our partners to ensure that when they leave our facility they will be thrilled with what they have done here while training,” Kruse continued.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.

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