Chrono Cross – The Radical Dreamers Edition: Every Ending Guide

Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers have multiple endings. Some depend on past actions, while others depend on when the last boss is defeated.

Chrono-Cross has several different endings. Some can be seen during the main game, while others are only available during a second playthrough. Included in the remaster is Radical dreamersa short sub-story with its own separate endings as well.

Due to the game’s heavy focus on altered timelines and alternate realities, some of these endings can be really abrupt or absurd. However, some dues have more plot-heavy scenes and dialogue. Players will want to see as many endings to experience the full story of Chrono-Cross.

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Chrono-Cross is separated between two worlds, Home and Another. There are also two protagonists of Serge and Lynx. Some of these ending requirements require going to a location in both the correct dimension and with the correct main hero. To be sure, one may want to be doubly sure that these two criteria are met.

Endings in Chrono Cross

Nikki parties at Viper Manor in Chrono Cross

Playing Chrono-Cross for the first time only two endings are accessible: the normal and true ending. When using New Game Plus, a new item called the time egg will be added to the key elements. This can be used in Opassa Beach to summon the final boss at any point in the story.

  • Standard end: When the Time Devour first appears, defeat it by dealing enough damage. This will kill the creature and its prisoner, leading to an unresolved ending.
  • True ending: After getting the Tear of Love in Home, go to Divine Dragon Falls (Another). Go to the waterfall cave and all the collected tears will turn into the seventh elemental, Chrono-Cross. Now facing the Time Devour, accumulate a large amount of grid space and stamina to launch at least three items in a row. Now specifically molded in the order: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, White and Chrono Cross. If Time Devour gets a turn in between and casts the wrong color, the process may need to be repeated. If done correctly, Time Devour will purify itself and the prisoner will escape.
  • Developers room: Start a New Game Plus and immediately use the Time Egg to fight the Time Devour with Serge solo. Since players won’t have any additional party members, it may take multiple playthroughs to collect star levels in order to be strong enough to defeat the final boss.
  • General Child: When the game’s narrative suggests heading to Viper Manor, defeat the Time Devour instead. Players can recruit a guide like Guile, Pierre, or Nikki but don’t go far enough into the domain for the entrance to lock.
  • A true hero: Immediately after Kid recovers from his illness, go kill the Time Devour in Opassa Beach.
  • Magical dreamers: When looking for a guide in Viper Manor, head to the Magical Dreamers ship and talk to Miki. She will ask players to save Nikki for the Shadow Forest. Then, when Kid becomes bedridden, tell Korcha the party will find a cure. This will lead to recruiting Razzly, Korcha, and Mel. With them all recruited, go face the Time Devour.

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  • Serge’s project: After upgrading to Lynx for the first time, play enough to regain access to Opassa Beach. Before you head to Arni Village and find Radius, go kill the Time Devour instead.
  • Pride and Honor: Aboard the SS Invincible, after recruiting Riddel, Fargo, Viper, and Orcha are unaware of their plans to pursue Lynx. Instead, return to Opassa Beach and summon the Time Devour.
  • The FATE recording: As the party approaches Chronopolis, Harle will have doubts and leave the player forever. Instead of continuing, go back and fight the Time Devour at Opassa Beach.
  • Galactic Night: Have a party with Norris and Karsh and head to Viper Manor (Another). In the throne room, go right and find a chest. Look behind to find a note. With this item, travel to the Isle of the Damned and confront Solt and Peppor, who will drop the keepsake pendant. Now place Riddel in the group and head to the forgotten island (house). This will initiate an optional boss fight with the Lost Deva, Dario. He is innately black, which makes him very weak against white elementals and technicians. Once Dario comes to his senses, as Serge, travel to Opass Beach to fight the Time Devour.
  • Wicked deeds: After defeating FATE, skip the final Terra Tower dungeon and instead fight the Time Devour while the Dragon God is at full strength.

Complete paths in Radical Dreamers

Mission Viper Manor in Radical Dreamers

Radical dreamers is a What if the alternate reality of Chrono-Cross. Instead of choosing Guile, Pierre or Nikki to guide them, Serge and Kid are instead accompanied by the mysterious Magil. As the Radical dreamers was designed to be short, certain selections will cause the game to end prematurely in often funny or bizarre ways.

  • The Forbidden Treasure: Standard ending to skip the options below or not do everything to unlock an alternate ending.
  • Between love and adventure: Ignore the main objectives of the game and rush to face Lynx right away. Then go to Riddel’s room to see the short ending.
  • Kid and the sunflower: When offered the chance to rest for the night, decline and follow Kid instead. Go to the garden and this ending path will unfold.
  • Super Extreme Alphacosmos EX Ultra Police Case: Go ahead and rest when prompted. Once awake, go to the office and look at the alien planet chart. Magil will arrive and start the end path.
  • Homecoming Shea’s Light: Watch The Forbidden Treasure at least once. In any subsequent playthrough, a flash of light will appear when entering Viper Manor. Ignore Kid’s advice to stay on the mission and investigate the light source instead.
  • Enigmatic gigantic weapon: After retrieving Lynx’s room key, exit and re-enter immediately. There will be a secret passage behind a wall, leading to a separate ending.
  • The Kingdom of Shadows: Another nap at the start of the game. When you wake up, go to the office and check the library. For the rest of the mission, flirt and be nice to Kid at every option. A different ending will play out after completing the storyline.

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Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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