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Upon awakening in the Sanctuary of the Resurrection in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link discovers that he is Hyrule’s last hope to rid the land of Calamity Ganon. However, it is not a simple task, and there are certain activities that need to be completed before players can hope to face it.

A big part of Breath of the wild the narrative revolves around the divine beasts, but they can be ignored entirely by players looking for a faster game. One of BOTW The biggest assets are the freedom players have to choose their heroic path and the ability to complete the game any way they can imagine. It’s possible to get to Hyrule Castle and defeat Ganon much faster than the main story allows.

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Most quests do not need to be completed in Breath of the wild to beat Ganon, but there are a few things that help make the fight easier to access and win. Having specific gear, like a piece of Zora armor, and a few good weapons can allow players to reach and defeat Ganon without completing almost any other part of the game. However, the first four shrines will still need to be made to leave the game. Large Plateau.

The fastest paths to Ganon in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

BOTW Bomb Flying Glitch Is Too Fast For Ganon

Beat Breath of the wild with pips

To reach Ganon faster in BOTW with issues, players will need to complete the tutorial area, the Grand Plateau, by visiting all four shrines. This is the only way to leave the Grand Plateau where Link begins the game, so it’s inevitable. There are methods used by speedrunners that will bring the player into the shrine, giving them the option to ignore the tower activation, but shrines have yet to be completed.

To jump the tower, players can use the shield clip, or the shield tilt, to go through walls and enter shrines. This issue can be accomplished by using shield surf on an inclined surface and then unequipping the shield in the air. When Link starts over on a wall again, his position from the tilted surface will be saved and he will pass through the wall when the shield is not equipped. Once all four are done, players can head to the Temple of Time to get a fourth heart and the paraglider, then Link can leave the Grand Plateau.

Since Breath of the wild is an open world game, and players can choose to complete or skip any quest, there are many paths that will lead to Ganon being defeated. The best speed runners use the bullet time bounce bug to get through Hyrule and get to the castle immediately. To do this, players need to be on top of an enemy on a small cliff or structure, then hold down the block button, surf the enemy, and enter bullet time while aiming the bow. When the shield hits the enemy, it will launch Link into the air, allowing him to easily reach Hyrule Castle while avoiding the Guardians lurking outside. This glitch will have to be performed several times to reach the castle.

Once inside, players must collect weapons and supplies before facing Ganon. Collecting arrows, bows, and weapons, like the Lizal Tri-Boomerang, is essential to winning the battle. During the boss fight, players will need to use Link’s charged swing attack to deal maximum damage to each form of Ganon. The Windblight Ganon can be defeated with an arrow if players shoot at the area where it appears just before the cutscene triggers. This will cause him to take damage throughout the cutscene and he will be instantly defeated.

The rest of the bosses should be taken care of in any way possible; the use of explosive arrows and swing attacks works well. For Dark Beast Ganon, Link will receive glowing arrows, and players will be able to shoot at Ganon’s weak spots. Defeating the Last Form of Ganon will complete the game. This method can be completed in 25-45 minutes depending on the skill level of the players and their familiarity with the issues.

Beat Breath of the wild Seedless

Zelda BotW - Windblight Ganon

If players want an authentic and trouble-free game of BOTW, there are still ways to reach Ganon fairly quickly. The start of the game will be the same, except that the tower will need to be activated to enter the shrines. Once players leave the Grand Plateau, they must head to Zora’s domain. To avoid the fighting in Hyrule Castle, players will need a piece of Zora armor. They can either reach Zora’s Realm for the Zora Chest Armor, or pass Zora’s Realm and further north to Toto Lake for the Zora Helmet.

With a piece of Zora armor, players will be able to use the series of waterfalls just west of Hyrule Castle. The waterfall system leads directly to the Sanctum, so players need to prepare before going to the castle. Fighting will be the same as beating the game with issues, except players will actually have to defeat Windblight Ganon instead of using the arrow turn.

Alternatively, players can take a while to collect armor, find more powerful weapons, and complete a few shrines in order to gain more health or stamina before facing Ganon. Divine Beasts are also an option for players who want additional abilities like Mipha’s Grace healing ability. However, the only steps needed to beat the game are listed above. Being able to choose an adventure is one of the greatest attractions of Breath of the wild, and players have many options to explore to effectively reach the final battle with Ganon.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available for Nintendo Switch.

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