Bingo games buy sports equipment, books for students

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Lewiston Youth Activity Fund is a non-profit organization that hosts bingo games four nights a week at 475 Pleasant St., Lewiston. We are looking to help children this summer who want to participate in summer sports but cannot afford fees or equipment. Assistance is also available for university-bound students. Help with books, etc., will be considered. Perhaps a bicycle would help a student get much-needed exercise. Any need for any reason. We love children! Tennis, swimming lessons. We bought books for Farwell School, donated $10,000 to Safe Voices, $5,000 to New Beginnings, and hired new bleachers for tennis coach Anita Murphy. Just a few examples. We would appreciate your help in connecting us with children in need! Please send inquiries and explanations to J. Burns, 163 South Ave., Lewiston, ME 04240. Inquiries restricted to Lewiston residents. —Jane Burns, Lewiston

TO RESPOND: What a wonderful offer! Please write to Jane if you know of anyone who could benefit from this type of help.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m trying to get rid of a two step prefab staircase and a separate 5ft x 2ft prefab planter. Is there anyone who can remove and take away these two pieces at a reasonable price? I have already contacted Shawnee Steps and they want more than I can afford. —Julian, Auburn

TO RESPOND: If anyone can help Julien, write to us and let us know.

DEAR SOLAR SPOTS: I would like to thank you for publishing my letter of May 16 regarding the free photographic material. I’m so happy that part of my collection of darkroom/photographic equipment (which I don’t have time to sell) went to a man named Walter. Walter is about to build his long-awaited darkroom, and seeing the pleasure on his face and in our chat made the donation worth it. The remaining equipment boxes went to Dirk. Dirk teaches film-based courses at secondary and private level to anyone interested in learning how to process black and white film. I’m so glad the huge assortment has found new homes (and in Maine) and is being put to good use. Both parties receiving merchandise have agreed to donate to the charity of my choice, which is Avian Haven in Freedom. Thanks again. — Cindy, No Town

TO RESPOND: We’re glad it worked out so well. Cindy is moving and has had to downsize and give up her beloved hobby, so it’s great that others are benefiting.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Edward Little High School Class of 1950 reunion will take place at noon on August 3 at the Chick-A-Dee restaurant on Lisbon Street in Lewiston. — Meeting Committee Chairman Ron Hart

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